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For titles as they are used in names, rather than e.g. the title to a piece of land or a vehicle.

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Can I use words like "Laboratory" or "Pharmacy" in my website or company name?

Is it illegal to use "pharmacy" or "laboratory" words in the name of an LLC or website that is not related to a real pharmacy or laboratory? i.e. using "
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In the UK, is it legal to call yourself Sir if you haven't been officially decorated as such?

As an example, imagine an ordinary Jonathan Reez residing in London. Would it be a civil or criminal offense for Jonathan to ask others to call them Sir Jonathan Reez, print business cards with that ...
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Previously owned car is now abandoned [closed]

I sold a car in January of 2022. The car was registered to the new owner legally at the DMV. Fast forward to April of 2023 I get a letter in the mail saying I’m the owner per their record and the car ...
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How would I claim an abandoned car I found on my property I want to restore?

I do not own the title or have any registration but it’s been sitting in the woods for at least 5 years. I want to restore it but I don’t want to invest money and not be able to own it. This is in the ...
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Is it legal to give fictional characters titles of real-world government officials?

Is it legal to refer to fictional characters in a video game with titles of real-world government officials, e.g., a Congressman, the President, etc.? I've seen lots of movies where they refer to &...
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Can one disclaim or renounce a British peerage after holding it for a year?

According to the Peerage Act 1963, anyone may disclaim a hereditary title of nobility within one year of inheriting it, or within one year of the passage of the Act. Since the latter deadline has ...
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Does the "Adelsaufhebungsgesetz" apply to Austrian citizens world wide?

I just stumbled accross the English(Ferdinand Zvonimir von Habsburg) and German(Ferdinand Zvonimir Habsburg-Lothringen) version of a descendant of the Austrian Nobility. In the English version the ...
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Does usage of a title/salutation like doctor/professor have legal ramifications?

As I identify as a male adult, my understanding is that I should select "Mr." when asked for my title when filling out forms. I noticed a feature in my online bank portal which allowed me to change ...
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Buying of a noble title

I recently came across some sites that let you purchase a noble title like: Lord, Lady, Duke, Duchess, Marquis, Count,... How can they sell such titles (they used to be given by the King/Queen of ...
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What is the Principals name and title?

There is a lot of info on what this is but I am unclear. I am the sole founder who inc. with clerkly and thus have a registered agent in Delaware (Not sure if this is relevant). So when on a paper ...
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which quitclaim deed do I need?

The owner of the house is deceased, and still has mortgage to pay. The wife would like to take over the home, and pay for it whole. With this circumstance, which quitclaim deed is needed?
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What is a transfer of title document?

My father passed away, and I want to put the house under my mothers name. The loan servicing company is asking for a transfer of title document. I am unsure what that is, or how I would go about ...
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Is a Receipt From the DMV Legal Proof of Purchase?

I recently purchased a used car and transfered the title at a licensing center with the previous owner. I paid for the taxes,tabs, and plates, received a few dollars back in change (I was surprised, ...
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Is it Legal to Incorporate the name of a defunct publication in a new publication?

I want to create a publication (monthly magazine) that incorporates the name of a defunct magazine, such as “The New [name of defunct magazine]” kind of along the lines of The New Christy Minstrels. ...
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Do any UK laws dictate how a person's title shall be determined on their passport?

This question is related to gender issues, and should be seen in that context. A person's legal gender in UK law and on official UK documents such as a passport, is legally determined. But what ...
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Are there any standards on the use of the title "esquire" in the United States?

For example, consider several cases: Layperson with no formal legal education Current law school student Law school dropout Graduated law school, but did not pass the bar Passed the bar, but did not ...
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