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Is it unlawful to create an origin-specific organization?

Suppose I establish a high school, college, or university where anyone can enroll, but I stipulate that The teachers, researchers, or top-level administration must be born in, say, Japan, Egypt, or ...
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How many nationalities can you have?

How many nationalities is it legal to have?
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How common are laws targeting holders of specific citizenships to disadvantage them?

I have been under the strong impression that, globally, laws that disadvantage people on the basis of their citizenship — barring immigration/visa laws — are extremely rare. In fact, I can't recall ...
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If I became a naturalized UK citizen, would I lose my Irish citizenship?

I was born in the United States, as were both of my parents. My father is an Irish citizen by descent - his grandmother was from Ireland. I was registered as an Irish citizen when I was about 9 or 10 ...
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Acquiring Dual citizenship [closed]

Student seeking further studies going abroad returns back to his motherland after completing his / her post graduation. I feel he/her cannot cast vote once returning back to his/her country. Can he/...
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Which countries' inheritance laws apply?

My mother, a German national with a green card passed away recently. Her husband (my dad) of 59 years is an American citizen (born in US). My mother spent the majority of her adult years in the United ...
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Have I had nationality since I was born or since I got my passport? [closed]

I'm a decedent to Jewish diaspora parents who have been taken their citizenship illegally. I have now applied for citizenship and received a certificate confirming that I am a citizen, and a new ...
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Can a US company ask prospective American employees, contractors or partners about their country of birth?

I decided recently to sign up as a seller on The first step of the registration process however, asks about the applicants "Country of Birth". Is this legal? That seems to ...
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When can an immigrant claim US nationality?

Inspired by this question over at EL&U. In my research for a response that question (which I never posted), I found this article in the Economist, which includes this paragraph: In general, ...
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What are some good sources for the rights of individual in an international context? [closed]

I am looking for sources for the international rights of individuals between nations. Nations might have problems politically, yet one might say individuals of nations have some international rights. ...
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Usage of nation names as teams

Can I use Country's names in my online championship game to allow players to recruit themselves in for their favourite/geographical nation and play against other nations? Cases: Is it legal to ...
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Is the Loi Lamine Gueye- law n ° 46-940 of May 7, 1946 enacted by the French Parliament of any relevance today?

Is Loi Lamine Gueye- law n ° 46-940 of May 7, 1946, the law granting citizenship rights to nationals of the French colonies active today? How many countries(former French colonies) had annulled this ...
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Is there an absence limit to withdraw the British citizenship from a person born there?

There is a case where a person born in england and held the UK citizenship but at the age of 7 he/she left the UK along with her family into another country and never entered the UK for almost 12 ...
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Legally speaking, is Elizabeth II Australian?

I came across a tweet saying that there should be an Australian on the five dollar note, rather than Elizabeth II. Legally speaking, is Elizabeth II Australian? Wikipedia mentions that she's Queen of ...
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Do "National Councils" have national or international legal authority?

Really not sure if this is the correct stack exchange for this, but this seems like the right place. If there is a national council for for something, doesn't really matter what, but they are the only ...
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Multi nationality couple, which nationality the baby would have?

How can I know which nationality would have a baby born from parents from different nationalities? The baby would have the nationality of the mother. The baby would have the nationality of the father....
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