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Questions tagged [nebraska]

Questions concerning the laws, criminal justice system, civil court procedures and related topics specific to the state of Nebraska.

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Can a family ask the government to hide the details of a relative's death?

I know of a fictional story plot where the cause of someone's death is unknown. The death may be due to natural causes, or it could be murder. The government investigates, but the findings are hidden ...
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How was entrance to the bar monitored in the 19th Century?

I am seeking historical information on the process as to how individuals such as my grandfather Judge Lewis (H.) Blackledge were admitted to the bar. He graduated in Jun 1888 from high school at ...
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Grounds for Breaking a Lease : Health Risks due to Manager

I live in an apartment in Nebraska and recently got bed bugs from our neighbor. While our the landlord handles hiring the exterminator, they have failed to communicate important details that have put ...
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What can I legally do with abandoned cars I found on property I recently bought?

They were not seen while inspecting the property prior to sale, because it's a large property and mostly the same throughout. We looked at aerial photography, but it appears they were left there after ...
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Is a second location of a restaurant required to honor gift cards purchased at the first location?

I received a gift card for a local restaurant about a year ago. The same owners recently opened a new location of the same restaurant closer to my house. I went there tonight expecting to pay for most ...
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