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Negligence is a common law tort concerned with the protection of person, property and economic interests from harm caused by another person's unintentional (but possibly deliberate) failure to take care.

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Can Rand Paul be sued for negligent transmission of COVID-19?

Note: I am not wanting to make this political. Please do not attempt to address political aspects of this situation or rail one way or the other. My question would be exactly the same if the facts ...
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Under what circumstances could laying hacker "traps" cause civil or criminal liability for non-law enforcement civilians?

The answer to If a hacker is infected as a result of their actions, is the victim liable? that explained laying a trap to injure someone could go either way depending on the severity of the injury and ...
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Was Fletcher Reede’s Secretary Greta’s tale of the burglar who cut himself on his victim’s knife and then sued for negligence true?

In liar liar Fletcher Reede (Jim Carey)’s Secretary Greta tells a story about a burglar Who enters a home through a sky light and cuts himself on a knife and then sued the homeowner for negligence in ...
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Bank negligence, checkings account compromised by id thief and bank on purpose holds me responsible to further my debt with interest

I been a victim of id theft. On the same day that there were two fake checks deposited that were bounced, money was withdrawn physically within a branch of the bank, that day and another time four ...
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