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Questions tagged [netherlands]

For questions involving the Netherlands, both kingdom and country.

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Until otherwise signposted, do Dutch highways default to a 130 km/h maximum speed even during daytime?

Dutch highways default to a 130 km/h speed limit (per article 21 of the Dutch Traffic Law). In the current situation, all Dutch highways have a reduced speed limit of 100 km/h between 6:00 and 19:00 ...
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What are the grounds for close in age exceptions in the Netherlands?

The age of consent in the Netherlands is 16 but Netherlands statutory rape law is violated when an individual has consensual sexual contact with a person under age 16 out of wedlock. Close in age ...
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What are legal ways to get a persons address (Person living in Ireland, I'm living in The Netherlands)?

This is a follow-up to my previous question. I filed for a European small claims procedure but the only address I had of that person, seems invalid. The people at the address in question claim they ...
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How do sexting laws work in the Netherlands?

I've noticed that in some countries the definition of child pornography varies. For example, in Canada, where if a conversation is private between people of a very small age gap and there is never any ...
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To achieve ECTS credits at my school a student is forced to drop his/her right of privacy

Some background about the situation: I attend a vocational university (university of applied sciences) I live in the Netherlands - Europe We have a mandatory activity that provides us with ECTS ...
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What are requirements to determine options for statutory or private health insurance after moving back from abroad (in the EU)?

When a person moves back to Germany after being abroad in the EU (e.g. Netherlands) long enough to have to insure themselves there and not be insured in Germany anymore, what determines if you can be ...
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What is the process for making and quantifying a legal claim against a tenant in the Netherlands?

The situation A tenant has caused damage to property, including furniture and appliances, mattresses and walls. The total cost of repair and replacement will be probably around €3000. The tenant also ...
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Is it necessary for both the divorced parents to consent for their younger than 12 years old kid to wear face mask or get tested for COVID-19?

I guess there is some consent needed since the kid is younger that 12 years old. But is it necessary for both the parents to consent? Does the opinion of the kid also count? More specifically I would ...
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Can I be held responsible for objects abandoned by other tenants?

I live in the Netherlands (Amsterdam to be specific), in an apartment building with two communal spaces (a bike cellar and a currently unused room). In the bike cellar there are many broken and ...
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