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Questions concerning the laws, criminal justice system, civil court procedures and related topics specific to the state of Nevada.

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Creating a LLC in Delaware when I am in California?

If I live/work in California can I create an LLC in Delaware (or possibly Nevada)? I've read that it's much cheaper and overall a better idea to have an LLC in Delaware. But I don't live out there, ...
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Married when joint tenancy right of survivorship signed, now divorced

We divorced on paper and continued to live together in our joint tenancy right of survivorship titled home. No mortgage - one party paid off the house by a substantial amount while the other party ...
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What are some possible law suits or civil actions the Las Vegas shooting victims could take?

I assume that many, if not all of the businesses, corporations and individuals who were operating and supplying services at the time of the Las Vegas Strip shootings (Wikipedia) - such as hotels, ...
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Must a partnership agreement contain 754 provisions in order to make a 754 election?

I am a limited partner in a nearly 40 year old limited partnership agreement governed by the laws of the state of Nevada. The partnership agreement is silent with respect to 754 elections. Can this ...
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How can the Nevada State Athletic Commission enforce the fines they give?

How can the Nevada State Athletic Commission enforce the fines they sometimes give to athletes? I.e., if an athlete refuses to pay their fine (example), what can the Nevada State Athletic Commission ...
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Roommate got a dog, but lease said no pets, now what?

My roommate's boyfriend's dog is living in our shared apartment. She has essentially adopted it. Our lease that I signed said no pets. My landlord found out about the dog and let her keep it. Neither ...
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When does a boyfriend or girlfriend become a tenant?

My roommate's boyfriend spends more nights here at our shared apartment than I do. His dog is here full time in violation of the lease that says no pets. He has the key code and comes and goes as he ...
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Can my husband get arrested if I don't attend court with him? [closed]

My spouse got arrested for domestic violence because someone else called the cops on him for me, however I did not press charges. Now he's got to go back to Vegas. We reside in California but I can't ...
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Can a Home-Owner Association's Manager place a lien on property?

Scenario: HOA Property Management in Las Vegas, NV vs me over unpaid monthly dues. I wasn't aware that my HOA had changed its Payment P.O. Box a few months ago and hence, my automated monthly ...
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How to protect against claims of joint corporate ownership during a divorce?

I am (happily!) married. But I am also a software engineer, and as such, try to consider every possible path of events ahead of time. I am about to start a Nevada-based LLC, although the company will ...
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Is there a case to be pursued for a non-domesticated bank account attachment?

I'm going to try and be as brief as possible because I just want to get an idea if there is something to pursue here as a case: I had old community debts from my marriage in CA; one of those debts ...
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Reviving an expired corporation

Is there a procedure that allows the reviving of an expired LLC in Nevada? The company in question expired over a year ago after the required annual documents were not filed.
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Who is liable, the franchise owner or franchising company?

Suppose a car was damaged by a body shop (or similar shop) and the shop refused to cover the cost of repair. (Assume the damage done is not related to work performed. For example, engine is damaged ...
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How can casinos take "extrajudicial" measures against card counters?

"Cardcounting" is technically legal, but frowned upon by casinos, because it violates the "unwritten law" that casinos are supposed to come out ahead. When card counters are caught, casinos can expel ...
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