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The idea that one should avoid talking to the police in any way when not legally mandated, so as to assure that one will not incriminate oneself by making some statement, in the context of the USA's 5th Amendment rights.

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Still be questioned without a solicitor?

In the United Kingdom, England and Wales jurisdiction, when someone is arrested they are read a caution. If at that moment, the person declines to give a statement, and then asks for a solicitor, can ...
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If the police tell you not to drink does that have any legal force?

It is reported in the news that during an arrest of suspected protestors a police officer instructed one person that they could not drink their coffee with a reason that it may be poisoned. This ...
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Can it be illegal to not speak to the police until you have spoken to a lawyer?

It is reported that Ernest Moret was arrested for failing to answer police questions. The incident was described as: When the officers began questioning Moret, [his colleague Stella] Magliani-...
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If the police ask you a question, what response can you make that can't be used as evidence against you?

For one reason or another, a police officer has just asked you a question, and you've wisely decided not to provide any response that could be used against you in court. What can you say or do that ...
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Is the saying that "cops can use anything you say against you" overstated or understated?

Is everything one says to a cop in the course of an enquiry really admissable as evidence against them? Even if they deny allegations? Why is that?
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Even when English law lets suspects to remain silent, when ought Suspect choose to talk to the police without a lawyer? [closed]

Presuppose that at the time of stating something to the police, no lawyer represents Suspect, and English law lets suspects exercise the qualified right to silence. Unlike in USA, in England, Where a ...
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Must one give anything but name and DOB to police if they have been witnessed committing an offence by the cop?

My understanding is that if there is cause to believe you have committed an offence, however minor, you must provide your name and date of birth to police who require it. They often then ask your ...
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At what point are you legally required to engage with the police?

Say one was running along the road, and a police officer shouts "Oi". As I understand it you have no legal requirement to engage with them, and can continue your run. This seems to be ...
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What is the reason for the procedure of stop-and-account to be defined and named? [closed]

What is the reason for the procedure of stop-and-account to be defined and named if it does not carry any powers to compel a subject to comply with it?
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Declining name and birthdate when answering police questions until grounds for suspicion has been precluded or reasonably established

Alice is approached by police following complaints that a woman wearing a yellow jumper has committed some minor offence or another. Sometimes, in such scenarios police will meticulously investigate ...
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When is one required to provide one's name and DOB to the police if one wishes to avoid arrest?

Meet Bob. Bob was exercising his guaranteed right of freedom of expression by shouting to a high profile politician remarks which implied in no soft terms that they are a corrupt tyrant. Police ...
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Is it okay to admit to the police that you were speeding? Are there any benefits?

I know the normal advice is "don't say more to the police than you have to," but what if: They tell you they pulled you over for speeding You know you were speeding The officer almost ...
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How can one reliably find out if there is an open UK arrest warrant or inquiry about them, without visiting a police station? Can police lie about it?

101 is the united-kingdom's non-emergency police phone number. Would they ever lead you to believe when asking outright on the phone whether you have any warrants or circulations that all is well when ...
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When does a warning not to talk to the police become "witness tampering"?

Every competent criminal defense attorney will advise their client (or anyone else) NEVER to talk to the police. Law professor James Duane gave a 45-minute lecture on this exact subject. So, obviously ...
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Alternatives to pleading the 5th that also offers protection

I watched a old video (Don't talk to Police) that popped up while looking up information related to cyber forensics and false positives. I gathered the following points: You can't talk your way out ...
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Can you get into trouble for not answering questions when talking to the police? Can you get into trouble for not answering questions when talking to the police? Or is this a legit "cheat code" that can get you out of trouble? ...
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Should I retain a criminal defense lawyer just in case?

Myself I am very law abiding citizen and never was approached by police in the 20+ years that I am in America. But in this never talk to police video they claim that innocent people went to prison ...
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Can the police legally force you to sit in interrogation?

I guess more specifically, when cops order you to sit down in an interrogation room (before you have been charged or arrested), is this a 'lawful order'? I am asking because of the way this is often ...
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