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Questions tagged [new-york-city]

Questions concerning the laws, criminal justice system, civil court procedures and related topics specific to New York City. For questions pertaining to the state use the "new-york" tag.

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34 votes
3 answers

If someone's record has been expunged, can they legally say that they have not been arrested?

If someone applies for a job and the application asks whether they've ever been arrested, can they legally say on the application that they have not been arrested before? Note: Case was dismissed ...
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20 votes
3 answers

If my spouse gets arrested for domestic violence but I do not press charges, will that still be on his record?

First time I've ever called the authorities on my husband for Domestic Violence. He was arrested, however, I didn't press any charges, will it still be on his record?
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12 votes
2 answers

Does the adultery law in New York affect the person being used to cheat with?

I found a public website regarding this law (New York Penal Law Sec. 255.17 Adultery), this one: Let's say someone's wife cheats on her ...
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1 answer

Will New York City's new law prohibiting questions about salary history protect residents who are applying for jobs outside the city?

As the title. I read through the law but I am not clear on whether it covers residents of the city, companies that employ workers in the city, members of either group, etc. That is, is it a limit ...
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How do I reinstate a "lost" birth certificate?

I am attempting to prove my lineage, and need my grandfather's birth certificate. He was born in Bronx, NY, in 1914. My parents did a search for this document in 1997, and got a response that the ...
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