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Laws and customs pertaining to excessive auditory noise. May involve noise ordinances or "quiet enjoyment" laws.

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What can I do to speed up a noise complaint?

Background A few months ago I started to notice a a low-pitched, pulsating noise at night-time, like a car engine or electrical generator. I don't know if I've become more "attuned" to it or ...
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Disabling a neighbour’s malfunctioning alarm

A neighbour’s burglar alarm is malfunctioning and thus sounding endlessly. Bob calls the company marked on the system to try to get someone down to investigate the situation and they hang up the phone ...
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What are some potential legal options when noise ordinances are not enforced for a particular local business (in Texas)?

I live in a mixed use zone in the downtown area of a major metropolitan area in Texas. A recent city ordinance requires bars and restaurants to maintain noise levels below a certain level at different ...
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Are there any laws against either excessively loud motorcycles or riding such motorcycles inconsiderately in residential areas at night?

Loud disturbing motorcycles are awful but occasionally circle around certain roads after midnight up and down gratuitously if the objective is actually transportation. One would hope that there are ...
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Bellowing helicopters in the sky: insight and recourse

Exceedingly loud helicopters seem to regularly fly in the sky where I live in the London Borough of Islington, both in the day and night, and often on Sundays, when noise is supposed to even be ...
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Is it my house or fence line that's considered adjacent residence for a minimum distance to a rooster pen?

Is there anything I can do about my neighbor that has a rooster that is annoying and wakes me up before dawn everyday? My neighbor has a rooster in a chicken pen that's located about 15 feet from the ...
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Could Noise Regulation Amount to a Regulaory Taking?

In the recent Washington Post story "A neighborhood’s cryptocurrency mine: ‘Like a jet that never leaves’ -- Cryptocurrency mining brought constant noise to this remote part of Appalachia of ...
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Germany (BW): What can I do about extremely loud neighbors: extremely loud music, loud kids that bang on our windows

I have extremely loud neighbors, who are disruptive to me and other neighbors, and who have done the following: Regularly drive their car slowly by my house while their music is blasting--and these ...
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Noise complaint to neighbouring shop

How do I approach to neighboring shop which does carpentry work throughout the day? The local area is in Gujarat and it's not a housing society. It's a kinda lane where many of the local shops are ...
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London council not responding to calls for nuisance

In this is case we are talking about a London borough. There is a sandwich shop in my area which is supposed to be open until 01:00 most days. However, they keep it open with the doors open and tables ...
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In general, to who do you report *house* (not apartment) owners who make a ton of noise?

As I took a bicycle trip from the horrible, noisy ghetto where I live, back to the fancy neighbourhood where I grew up, I was shocked by how many loudmouths there were. For instance, one of the ...
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Lack of action taken by landlord against a noisy neighbor

(First time posting on this SE, I hope it's not off-topic.) I have a friend who lives in the Netherlands, let's call her Allison. Both her and her neighbor (let's call him Bob) live in an apartment ...
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How to use the vehicle horn to communicate? [closed]

I know people use the car horn to get the attention of another drivers or pedestrians. What other ways do people use the horn to communicate that may not be the same everywhere? Can you break any ...
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What are the earliest and latest times that vacuuming can be carried out at home?

In a recent dispute with my neighbour, who is adjoined to my semi-detached town house, I was told that I cannot legally use my vacuum cleaner between the hours of 8pm through 8am weekdays and 8pm ...
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What is the legal and administrative status of honk-on-lock in California?

The California Vehicle Code Section 27001 states (a) The driver of a motor vehicle when reasonably necessary to insure safe operation shall give audible warning with his horn. (b) The horn shall not ...
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Can I break a lease if there is construction noise outside that is not under control of my landlord?

I moved in knowing that there is construction outsides. However, what I did not know is that this construction site would violate the law and start construction as early as 5:30 AM. They have been ...
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UK: What are my rights if i'm woken by construction work, or roadworks at night?

A while back I was woken by some workmen repairing metal railings on the side the road next to my house. This occurred at around 1:30 am, I brashly asked the workmen to stop. To which they complied. ...
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guest with tourette's syndrome and noise complaints [Ontario, Canada]

I have two tenants upstairs who live in rooms very close to each other - for privacy reasons I'll call them Left and Right based on their position relative to the staircase. Left frequently has a ...
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question about abusive landlord

I recently got suckered into signing a lease on a room. I thought the place looked OK when I checked it out, and it was in a good area. The rent is $1,000/month and I put down a $100 deposit. The ...
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Management company's landscaping team are working too much ... what can I do?

Background: I have lived in a rental apartment in a quiet neighborhood of Shorewood, in Milwaukee county, WI, for eight years. The rent is relatively high but living in a quiet areas makes it worth it....
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Legal recourse for neighborhoods facing loud vehicles?

Brief Background I live in a small community with a growing noise problem due to vehicles with custom exhaust systems. To more clearly define the issue I have been collecting data from calibrated ...
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Noise complaint about a neighbor who is excessively loud during the day with his subwoofer

I'm a student and when I'm not in school, I study at home (I live in Boston, USA). Often, 2-3 times a week, the neighbor who lives 1 floor below me starts playing video-games / watching movies at high ...
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Can a citizen sue the FAA for noise pollution from planes redirected over residential areas?

Can a citizen sue the Federal Aviation Administration for noise pollution resulting from NextGen flight redirection over residential areas? EPA used to have a noise abatement division which was ...
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Are there legal remedies to noise from thin walls?

I rent a second-floor bedroom. The landlord's family lives on the third floor. The ceiling is not very soundproof: If they are walking around the sound of footsteps is loud enough to prevent me from ...
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Can a council absolve themselves of responsibility for actions on their property?

Having moved into a brand new property a year ago, we have been plagued by a noise nuisance from the city council owned car park across the road from us (I hate to be the person that moves to a place ...
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What code determines how much noise is dangerous to people?

This question pertains to NYC, but answers about how other jurisdictions define noise pollution could aid precedent or tracking down the appropriate office in New York. Noise pollution in the city is ...
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