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Non citizen is a concept in Latvian law where a citizen of the former USSR is neither a citizen of Latvia nor of any other country

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Which military ranks in the U.S.A. can be held by non-citizens?

Which military ranks in the U.S.A. can be held by non-citizens? Might it be everyone except commissioned officers?
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How someone could get a new legal identity

For a character in a novel, I'm at an impass as to how someone could theoretically attain a brand new, legal, government issued identity that can be used for business, banking and so on. The specific ...
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How to access US court proceedings if not a US citizen?

How do you access US court proceedings/records if you are not a US citizen? I've tried using the Pacer website, however, they require a verification code, which is posted to you (if you live in the ...
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Are Native American tribes considered part of the United States?

What is the principle of Tribal Sovereignty? Does it mean that Native American tribes are not part of the United States? Thank you.
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If a person buys an island in a different country then will he/she has to take Visa for entering his/her island via waterways?

If a HNI (High net worth individual) buys an island on a different country for which the individual doesn't has a nationality/citizenship , then does the individual has to take a separate visa for ...
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Can you lose your right to be a Latvian non-citizen?

If you're a non-citizen of Latvia, and acquire a citizenship of another country, do you automatically lose your (right?) to be a non-citizen of Latvia?
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