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Obnoxiously loud music from a festival

There's a local annual festival that plays their music really loudly. I can hear it from three and a half miles away, and it's really annoying. There are houses just a few hundred feet away; I'm sure ...
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Can a municipality ignore the rules of evidence for charges relating to violation of a municipal ordinance?

My Township has an ordinance relating to grass needing to be cut on a regular basis. The penalties for violating include fines up to $1,000 and jailtime. Presumably the latter is not used on the ...
12 votes
3 answers

Recklessly endangering the English public by throwing objects

Is it a criminal offence to recklessly endanger the English public by throwing objects? For example, throwing bottles or bricks over the wall of a multi-storey car park. This particularly applies if ...
22 votes
2 answers

London council not responding to calls for nuisance

In this is case we are talking about a London borough. There is a sandwich shop in my area which is supposed to be open until 01:00 most days. However, they keep it open with the doors open and tables ...
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2 answers

Tenants not told about planned construction work

I have just moved into a new flat in London, UK and there was planned construction work for a shop underneath that me and the other tenants were not informed about. What are my rights at this point? I ...
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In general, to who do you report *house* (not apartment) owners who make a ton of noise?

As I took a bicycle trip from the horrible, noisy ghetto where I live, back to the fancy neighbourhood where I grew up, I was shocked by how many loudmouths there were. For instance, one of the ...
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Is photographing or recording a person without their consent a “nuisance or annoyance”?

I am interested in the answer in general, but also particularly interested in how Western Australia’s Public Transport Authority Regulations 2003 section 13 would apply: A person who acts in such a ...