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Questions tagged [ohio]

Questions concerning the laws, criminal justice system, civil court procedures and related topics specific to the state of Ohio.

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Transferring car titles between states

Just moved to Virginia from Ohio, already have a job, and trying to go through the steps here. I have a car right now, but my mom has the title, and she lives in Ohio. We are trying to transfer the ...
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Can my insurance company find me liable for an auto accident without an explanation?

The accident was a fender-bender, about $3-4K damage to cars, no injuries; police were contacted but did not come, and both parties submitted written accident reports to police afterwards and ...
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What's the status of a lease in which the lessor doesn't explicitly assign their interest, but also claims they're no longer the lessor?

I've rented my home for a few years now. The property owner let it be known that she was trying to sell and cash out, which is fine. About a week ago I got a text from her saying the sale went through,...
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Are attorneys, as officers allowed to advocate for positions in supposedly-neutral courtrooms?

An Ohio judge jailed an public defender (and blocked her from appointments for further work) for contempt of court when the attorney refused to remove a "Black Lives Matter" pin. The logic seems to ...
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Can a state's parole board restrict someone from the ability to see their own children using a condition of no contact with minors?

This would be in Ohio. Does a restriction of "no contact with minors" apply to your own children?
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How to contact pre-law students and teachers for a legal research project?

A True Crime Youtube creator features high-school pre-law students to read the female part in a deposition he publishes in video form. The young women I have seen are unpracticed and intimidated by ...
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If possibly exposed to COVID-19, can I use my best judgment?

In most U.S. states, COVID-19 regulations such as wearing masks and social distancing are no longer mandated, at least not for people who don't have the virus. Are there laws in those states, such as ...
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