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If a (US-based) website repeatedly allows users to post my copyrighted material what legal actions can I take?

I'm a university lecturer in Australia teaching mathematics. I produce question sheets for my students. It takes significant effort to produce high-quality questions. These question sheets are ...
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After we sign up online website for services, we give up our phone number and email address,legally what can the company do internally and exterally

During the pandemic time, fond myself signup a lot of food delivery services, where pretty much they all asks my phone, email and address. And some online services Now, I got call from people trying ...
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Is it considered piracy to put in game music into music library

Various games I have legally purchaced have music files that can easily found by looking through the game files. Is it piracy to put this music onto a mp3 player or phone if it is just for personal ...
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Downloading pirated software with online license check after buying it

If I buy a license for some software which has mandatory online license check to install (in games, for example. Steam games - or any other online store, actually, but could be non-games, anything), ...
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