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How can I legally protect my website from users who upload copyrighted material?

I have a small website that hosts content in the form of text from registered users. The content can be described more specifically as short novels, essays and other personal work. How do I protect ...
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Is one liable if illegal material is found on one's own server?

This question was prompted by a news article I read earlier today, in which a person described the dilemma they faced on discovering illegal material had been stored by an unidentified third party on ...
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Is it illegal to intentionally design a social network that can't comply with right-to-be-forgotten (and possibly other laws)?

If I intentionally design (and program) a social network that uses a technology (blockchain,...) which does not allow for alteration / erasing of user data, what happens in case of a right-to-be-...
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Charging someone with theft of virtual currency

I've done some reading about gruesome tales of folks spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on video game currencies only to have their accounts irreversibly stolen or lost due to a bad in game ...
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Does DMCA cover apps?

I'm planning on selling an app where users will be able to upload content, and other users will be able to see it. The content will not be available on a website. The content will be stored on my web ...
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Does selling game hacks based on personal user agreement is legal?

There are so many websites who sell the game hacks and game companies never sue them for that("because they have their own terms and conditions - that's what I think basically"). So if I sell hacks ...
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Am I required to return a package that was sent to me in error?

tl;dr: Do I have to return a package that was sent to me that I've already been refunded for? Background: In early October, I pre-ordered the Microsoft Band 2; a fitness monitor. It wasn't scheduled ...
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Is it legal to point a domain to someone else's ip (website)?

The question is pretty straightforward: Is it legal to point a domain on the web to someone else's ip (website)? The domain owner is not actually copying the content, but just opening the website in ...
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Attributing the Assistance of an Online Translator for a Book's Chapter---Is It Necessary?

I have recently finished a work in which one of the chapters is based upon a translation of a nineteenth century document in which I have made use of a free online translator. Where the translator ...
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GDPR and online forms: how to prove that the data owner opted in?

How can the data processor who collect personal information using an online form prove that the person who entered her data gave active consent, for instance by clicking a checkmark? Imagine a a ...
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Is it rape if someone goes by a pseudonym and gave fake facts about themselves?

Let’s say Person A, an adult male, meets Person B, an adult female online. They develop a close relationship and talk on the phone on numerous occasions, but never meet in person. Finally Person B ...
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Copyright Ownership of a Translated Article Appearing in a Book in Which an Online Translator was Used

As a follow-up to Attributing the Assistance of an Online Translator for a Book's Chapter---Is It Necessary?, and at the suggestion of @DaleM: QUESTION: Would an author of a book who incorporates ...
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Am I legally responsible for users misusing my service for cyberbullying? [closed]

Good evening from Germany, I the CEO of a start-up that offers a social network where people can anonymously upload posts (only texts) that users within five miles can see and up/downvote. It is ...
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Any obligation to return an accidental second payout?

According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), if you receive an item you did not order - it should be considered as a gift - and you are not obligated to pay for it - or return it. Question is, ...
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Is any of the free law programs in Germany arranged or attendable online?

This question arose out of the answer given by Volker Siegel to this question. Is it possible to establish admission online to without personal attendance or attend online after regular admission? ...
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