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Questions concerning the laws, criminal justice system, civil court procedures and related topics specific to the Canadian province of Ontario.

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Are Ontario municipalities allowed to stop issuing marriage licenses during COVID-19?

Some Ontario cities, such as Waterloo say on their website: "Due to COVID-19, marriage licences will be suspended until further notice." Here is a screenshot, in case the website changes. ...
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In Ontario, does it matter which municipality issues the marriage license?

The Ontario government web page tells you how to go to City Hall or a Municipal Office and get a marriage license. However, it doesn't say you can go to whatever municipality you feel like, nor does ...
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Ontario Labour laws pertaining to late breaks

Ontario Labour laws state: An employee must not work for more than five hours in a row without getting a 30-minute eating period (meal break) free from work. However, if the employer and employee ...
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Right of way between U-turning and Right-turning vehicles at traffic lights

At a traffic light controlled intersection, who has right of way between a U-turning vehicle and a right-turning vehicle? Consider the following cases, assuming no other applicable signage: Case 1 - ...
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What is the minimum time an employer must give before cancelling work?

I do sporadic work for a company. I had a shift scheduled for over a month. I messaged my manager the day before asking if there's anything else I needed to know. She told me the shift was cancelled. ...
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Financial responsibilities for Custodian of (minor) international student

hoping this question is in scope here. Ok, first some background. Canada, Ontario. Toronto area if it matters. My wife and I have decided to act as a Homestay guardian/custodian for an ...
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In Canada can employer force employees not to discuss wage?

In Canada can an employer require its employees not to discuss wages (either internal or external of the company)? What if the employee signed a confidentiality agreement where they agreed not to ...
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If two spouses are named in an agreement but only one signs, is it valid?

Say there is an agreement between a company party (call them The Company), and a married couple party (call them Spouse A and Spouse B). Spouse A and Spouse B are both named in the agreement, but the ...
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Can I refuse to tell Settlement Conference Deputy Judge my employment or daily life? [duplicate]

I'm Plaintiff in Small Claims Court case in Ontario Canada. Defendant filed Defence. So Settlement Conference coming up! I read Charter Basics | Your Right to Silence What is the Right to Silence? ...
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Assault by someone if i said hit me in my argument does that mean no crime

If you said come on hit me in an arguement and opponent hits you is it still a assault or consensual fight how can we determined the consent
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