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Questions tagged [ontario]

Questions concerning the laws, criminal justice system, civil court procedures and related topics specific to the Canadian province of Ontario.

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Are Ontario municipalities allowed to stop issuing marriage licenses during COVID-19?

Some Ontario cities, such as Waterloo say on their website: "Due to COVID-19, marriage licences will be suspended until further notice." Here is a screenshot, in case the website changes. ...
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Am I allowed to gift alcohol to an adult as a minor?

I am thinking about gifting alcohol to my boss as a parting gift. Does any law in Canada prohibit me from doing so?
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Ontario Speeding: Does filing an appeal for a conviction by HTA Reg 340/94 (30km/h over) automatically grant an immediate stay of license suspension?

My sister, really unfortunately got her first speeding ticket. 30km/h over as a G2 Driver and we had no idea how severe of a matter this was. She lost the ticket and decided she was going to pay it ...
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Can a civil action started under Ontario's Simplified Procedure be moved to Small Claims Court?

Under Ontario law, is it possible for a plaintiff bringing a wrongful dismissal civil action to change venues some time after pleadings have been filed, but before the action has been set down for ...
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What rights do landlords in Ontario have regarding prompt delivery of Preliminary Notice for Annual General Meeting

I live in Toronto, Ontario. Our condo's AGM is to be held on February 10, 2022 this year, and the deadline for nominating directors and submitting questions is Jan 10, 2022. However, although the ...
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Can accessory buildings under 108 square feet have a basement in Ontario?

I'm looking to build a small bunkie in the forest behind my cottage. I've been reading the bylaws, and it looks like I can come up with a pretty usable space by including a loft with a less than 6 ...
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Can former residents of Ontario drive in Ontario with a foreign license?

Under HTA 32(1), No person shall drive a motor vehicle on a highway unless the motor vehicle is within a class of motor vehicles in respect of which the person holds a driver’s licence issued to ...
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Financial responsibilities for Custodian of (minor) international student

hoping this question is in scope here. Ok, first some background. Canada, Ontario. Toronto area if it matters. My wife and I have decided to act as a Homestay guardian/custodian for an ...
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Can I refuse to tell Ontario Trial Judge my employment or daily life?

I'm Plaintiff in Small Claims Court case in Ontario Canada. Defendant filed Defence. If we don't settle after Settlement Conference, then we Trial. I read Charter Basics | Your Right to Silence ...
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How do you get an "uncertified copy of birth registration" certified?

I received an "uncertified copy of birth registration" from the Registrar's office. It looks just like a regular photocopy. I need it to be certified for other official government business. I simply ...
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New landlord in need of guidance about tenant cleaning up property and also installing a fence for privacy In Ontario Canada

New landlord in need of guidance please. I am a new landlord who owns a duplex and is wanting to get the tenants to clean up all junk off the property outside first of all then I would like to build a ...
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