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Questions concerning the laws, criminal justice system, civil court procedures and related topics specific to the Canadian province of Ontario.

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In Ontario, does it matter which municipality issues the marriage license?

The Ontario government web page tells you how to go to City Hall or a Municipal Office and get a marriage license. However, it doesn't say you can go to whatever municipality you feel like, nor does ...
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Are volunteer organizations considered a social area under the Ontario Human Rights Code?

I was recently denied a volunteer opportunity at a community organization. I feel like I was discriminated against one of the code grounds as outlined in the Ontario Human Rights Code. However, is ...
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Landlord's obligations during prolonged repairs [closed]

My landlord has determined that my building's balconies are in critical need of repair. They have blocked off access to all balconies, and are performing the (extremely noisy) repairs. Repairs are ...
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In Canada, do you have to own a property to rent it out?

Say someone intends to rent out a real property (house, apartment, etc.) to someone. Must they own the property to legally do so? I mean, is it legal to rent out a property if it's in the process of ...
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What happens when a legally binding document is accidentally filled out wrong?

A friend of mine was hired by a company that has a lengthy onboarding process that has lots of paper work. One document he had to sign contained The following are Developments not covered by ...
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Right of way between U-turning and Right-turning vehicles at traffic lights

At a traffic light controlled intersection, who has right of way between a U-turning vehicle and a right-turning vehicle? Consider the following cases, assuming no other applicable signage: Case 1 - ...
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Can a landlord refuse to give a receipt for rent payment?

Is it legal for a business to refuse to give you a receipt when you pay them? For example a property management company refused to give someone a receipt for rent because they had not yet signed a ...
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