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Organized Pseudolegal Commercial Arguments, coined in the decision on Canadian divorce case Meads Vs. Meads, are a particular genre of vexatious litigation strategies that are packaged and sold by fraudulent legal gurus.

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2 votes
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How much effort could have gone into composing the judgement for Meads v. Meads?

Any intelligent/educated guesses by people who perhaps work more or less full time as lawyers as to how much time it would have taken the judge to research and to write up all of the precedents and to ...
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2 votes
1 answer

What is the "fringe on the flag" argument?

Another answer on this question refers to the "fringe on the flag" category of arguments. What is the "fringe on the flag" argument?
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36 votes
5 answers

Can someone's legal name be all lowercase?

Can a person's legal name be all lowercase or all capital letters or some strange mix, or are there restrictions about it? Or maybe capitalization is not even part of the name, it is just a part of ...
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What are the possible repercussions of failing to pay, or alternatively register for utility bills?

A common trope among self styled sovereign citizens is that there's effectively no real need to pay for utilities. Because they "can't" shut them off. I can easily imagine some human rights ...
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Is there any truth in that social security was based on models of either railroad worker or maritime insurance schemes? [closed]

A common law citizen trope which is no doubt in the final analysis completely bogus is that social security was modelled after mandated insurance for ships. David Siegel in another question suggested ...
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