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How work at home effects interstate telephone recording consent

Suppose a conversation is recorded between Participant A (consenting to record) and Participants B C D, all three of whom are working in the capacity of employees of a company located in the same one ...
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Given the US Constitution's 1st Amendment freedom of religion, how can current pandemic restrictions on worship be legal?

The 13th amendment ending slavery and involuntary servitude, which has a big "except" for allowing it as a punishment for crimes. The 1st amendment has no exceptions listed though. It also ...
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How is the right to "speedy trial" being protected during pandemic?

The right of a person accused of a crime to a "speedy trial" is widely considered a fundamental human right. It is enumerated in a number of government constitutions. However during the ...
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If a parent takes an infant across state lines during lockdown, can the court consider it an act of Domestic Violence?

My professor is giving us this question for class with the following prompts... Suppose the following of Victim (child) is true: born premature due to the mother not going on bedrest as recommended ...
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Is ignorance of the law a valid excuse for not following emergency laws with no warning period?

Yesterday in Melbourne, Australia a State of Disaster was declared due to the COVID-19 pandemic. A new set of emergency laws came into effect, including an 8pm curfew, no travelling beyond a 5km ...
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Is there a legal theory for criminally negligent pandemic damages?

Like most Americans, I am economically harmed by the current restrictions in place to cope with the SARS-nCov-2 pandemic. However, the variety of outcomes in different countries around the world show ...
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What Relevance Does Litigation Misconduct Have In Custody Cases? Does The PKPA Play A Role?

I'm having trouble understanding how the parental kidnapping prevention act works. There is a case where a lawyer coordinated with a family member to file falsified domestic violence (assault) then 14+...
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Can the Defense Production Act grant immunity to civil liability?

Trump has said that he's going to give liability protections to meat processing plants in case employees catch COVID-19 at work. The executive order itself is here. Cited in the order is the Defense ...
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Does any venue in the US have Jurisdiction to prosecute the WHO?

Lawsuit filed against WHO over its handling of coronavirus outbreak: Selected excerpts from news ...
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What effect does an event like the current Covid-19 pandemic have on contractural obligations?

Across the world, the current pandemic, and various government responses to it will impact on parties abilities to perform their obligations under a contract. What are the legal implications of this?...
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