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2 answers

What are the legal ramifications of a legally dead person turning up alive?

Context: I am writing an urban fantasy story in which a man dies, is declared dead, and comes back to life via supernatural means on the autopsy table. The existence of the supernatural is not common ...
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3 answers

Am I allowed to ask a company to sign a contract?

I am an undergraduate student. I recently got an internship in a company in Mauritius. I started the internship 3 weeks ago but I have a concern. The company has not created any internship contract/...
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1 answer

Is it against the EU freedom of movement for Italy refuse entry to an EU citizen with only an ID card flying from outside the EU/EFTA?

Apparently, as stated in Timatic, a database operated by IATA and used by airlines to establish whether a passenger can enter the destination country, Italy recently introduced a restriction that non-...
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Is it illegal to possess a counterfeit national ID card without actually using it?

I just came across a lost counterfeit French national ID card on a bus with my name, photo and correct personal details. I am fairly sure about who created or ordered it (without my permission) My ...
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1 answer

Using science paper's method in commercial product

Is it possible to use the method (method or algorithm, model, etc.) described in an open scientific publication (license is arbitrary) in a commercial product in closed source code? That is, the ...
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Work permit for a US based space and defence company for EU citizen

I'm looking into writing my bachelor thesis at a aerospace company abroad. My question is if there are any special regulation regarding working for a aerospace company, with military contracts, as a ...
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1 answer

Process server attempted to serve me at old address

I moved roughly a year ago. My business and my drivers license were both updated to reflect my new address. However, the new occupant of my home told me that on Sunday - someone attempted to serve me ...
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1 answer

Could I make a duplicate drivers license that has accurate information?

My state does not issue duplicate licenses. I am in need of a duplicate license for traveling and misplacing issues. Would it be illegal to make a duplicate license with 100% accurate information?
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1 answer

Ohio Dissolution Paperwork Language about Bankruptcy

I am filling out the dissolution paperwork for Ohio and I see the following two options: "The court will retain jurisdiction to enforce payment of debt obligations, in the event a party files ...
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What are the standards for binding pleadings? Staples? Paper clips?

When submitting pleadings to a court, normally there are two pieces: a court-provided cover sheet and the pleading itself. What is the normal way to connect these pieces of paper? (1) staple ...
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