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What are (respectively) “Lords temporal and spiritual”? [closed]

In the opening clause of every parliamentary act seems to appear this phrase. What does each type of Lord refer to?
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How should the parenthesised components of statute names be pronounced?

For instance, consider the Housing (tenancy deposits) (prescribed information) order 2007 (Which reads quite naturally just strung sequentially together). Or the Torts (interference with goods) act ...
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How did the right for peers to be tried by peers end in 1948?

In another question's comments is claimed that the right for aristocratic peers to be tried by their own kind had ended in 1948. How and why did it end then?
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What determines whether or not legislation is re-printed (or digital equivalent) to integrate added or modified provisions?

Sometimes one finds a reference to section 8zb of a law, and proceeds to refer to the law on, only to realise that there is apparently no section 8zb there. One then has to google ...
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