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In Canada, how was it legal to pass the Constitution Act 1982 to require certain amendents by unanimity if not all provinces agreed to it?

In British legal doctrine, a majority vote in Parliament has no right to bind the future parliament and what it might do, and follows an obvious principle. If a prime minister enacted a bill that said ...
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Parliament's internal rules applying to non-members

Rules established by parliaments to govern their internal discipline usually imply reductions of financial allowances on members, banning them from the parliament's grounds for a set period of time, ...
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Does parliamentary privilege have unintended consequences for journalism?

If statements made under parliamentary privilege seem to constitute evidence of impropriety, can journalists report on this without risking defamation penalties? Hypothetically, if a politician "...
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Who actually drafts legislation in all its nitty gritty detail in the U.K.?

And what is the process like? It seems surprisingly meticulously drafted and most elaborate as to account for every conceivable scenario and counter argument that one might ever encounter or think of. ...
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Why adjourn the House of Commons effective in half an hour?

I was looking at a couple of Hansard reports and noticed that the last House of Commons debate of the day was preceded by a motion to adjourn. If the debate lasted more than half an hour, it was cut ...
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Without judicial review, what is the point of the Dutch constitution?

I gather from various sources (note: most links are in Dutch) that no process of judicial review exists in the Netherlands. In my understanding, most democracies have a process for creating, amending ...
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Which UK "Parliamentary Powers" were used to confiscate Facebook's documents?

There has been a story recently about Facebook having private documents forcibly taken on behalf of the UK Parliament. From the BBC article it is claimed that: "Rarely used parliamentary powers ...
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UK, Office of National Statistics, personal or organisational right to deny data requests

In the UK, the Office for National Statistics regularly produces and publishes a wide range of the information about the United Kingdom that can be used for social and economic policy-making as ...
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(In context of Indian parliament) what do the words "demand" and "grant" mean in the phrase "demand for grant"?

My book has explained the phrase "demand for grant" in the chapter "Indian Parliament" but i do not understand what do "demand" and "grant" mean. I tried googling them but did not find any valuable ...
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Municipal council "approves"/"accepts" secret documents

In Alberta, Canada the Municipal Government Act says: 180(1) A council may act only by resolution or bylaw. Our council emerged from an in camera session and passed a resolution: ... that ...
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Appointment and Elected Offices of an Assembly under Robert's Rules

In most assemblies following Robert's Rules, there are elected positions, such as members of the executive board, chair and vice-chair of the assembly and so forth. Now for this question, assume that ...
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