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Can I make fun of VW car company in a game?

I'd like to make fun of a company in a computer game (obvious parody/satire/etc.). Let's say I change the logo, so it's a "WV" in a rectangle instead of a "VW" in a circle and change the companies ...
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Copying a parody of a movie using a fan's 3D model

I really like a board game. This game includes artistic references (as parody) to a well-known movie. I wanted to improve the pieces of the board game (which were 2-dimensional) to augment my own ...
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Parody or Infringement? (United States of America)

I am struggling with the difference between these definitions. Q: Is this a Parody or a Copyright Infringement? In a proposed pilot for a TV/Web show aimed at children for edutainment, one of the ...
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What are general rules for appropriated logos (Whether you are selling them as a design, or using them for marketing)?

I have a clothing brand I've been working on (no official LLC yet, so I'm worried about any legal trouble). I've been doing full custom artwork for it mostly, but I've been working on a design that ...
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To what extent do I have the right to quote other works to parody or reference them?

Do I have the right to have my character "blast off at the speed of light" as a reference to Pokemon's Team Rocket Trio? Do I have the right to have my character lock another character in an office ...
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Does publishing a copyrighted painting, for the purpose of making fun of the artist, constitute parody? (USA)

I want to write a short story that re-imagines the lives of several prominent artists, and uses their paintings to tell a new, fictional, story of their lives. An example would be using Picasso ...
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When does a fan game fall under parody?

Apparently there was a case in 2013 where the fan game My Little Pony: Fighting is Magic got taken down by Hasbro. This makes me wonder, why did it not fall under fair use in terms of Parody? This ...
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Is it legal use parody products for commercial purposes?

I am future T-Shirt seller. I don't want to have problems with copyright for my designs. So I have made some research and learned that parody is fair use. Can I sell below parody T-Shirts? (Parody ...
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Copyright infringement of 10 second music clip

I have recently created an animation/parody of famous song and have added about an 8 second clip of the song as the background audio for my animation. However, I would like to post the animation (...
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Is printing a personal card using some parts of a board game considered Fair Use?

I'm planning on doing a personal card using only the original layout and background design of a Magic The Gathering card. I have read that the art, mana symbols, "Tapping" symbol and Font have ...
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3 answers

At what point is using a song's instrumental considered fair use?

Let's say someone want to make a song using the instrumental of Just the two of us by Grover Washington... Maybe half the song is humorous about the bad and good parts of a relationship..but the other ...
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1 answer

How far does parody go in copyright laws in Canada?

I'm wondering how far does parody go in Canadian copyright act? Is copying someone else's open source code and modifying it then protecting it considered as infringement? The code is from a ...
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Can a YTPMV reupload be taken down by the original YTPMV uploader who has voluntarily removed it from the platform?

Without going too deeply into the specifics... One of my favorite YTPMV’s was taken down (by its own creator for some reason) from the YT platform. It was a YTPMV of one of Eminem’s songs. The YTPMV ...
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