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Is it illegal to possess a counterfeit national ID card without actually using it?

I just came across a lost counterfeit French national ID card on a bus with my name, photo and correct personal details. I am fairly sure about who created or ordered it (without my permission) My ...
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Can I live in Bulgaria with a residence permit from Spain?

US citizen here. My answer to my own question leads towards "no". No harm in asking. I have means to obtain a residence permit in Spain. Can I then over stay my 90/180 day visa free stay my ...
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Must "Real ID" be used when applying for a Canadian passport while residing in the U.S.?

Post-9/11 "Real I.D." laws in the U.S.A. say that driver's licenses issued by states cannot be used for "federal identification" unless they have certain enhancements, for which ...
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What stops foreigners with passport seized by host government to prevent them from fleeing from ordering a new one at the consulate?

This question is strictly out of intellectual curiosity. I am aware of many cases in which a foreigner who is visiting or living in a host country is suspected of having committed a crime, and they ...
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Declaring marital status in the US passport application form DS 11

I was just approved for the oath ceremony for US citizenship. While trying to complete the DS 11 form, I noticed that they ask about the marital status, date, etc. I don't have an issue with declaring ...
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