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1 answer

Why do passport applications ask for the information they ask for?

In the U.S., the passport application asks for: A contact and their information Intended destination for the first use of the passport Details about one's parents Why is this information part of the ...
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3 votes
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Is it illegal for a family member to withhold/hide the passport of a legal adult, from the rightful owner - in the UK?

If yes, what action should be taken and on what grounds is it classed as illegal? Considering that both individuals are UK citizens, with a passport registered respectively, does it go against the ...
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8 votes
1 answer

Is it legal to submit fake digital identification documents to private companies?

Suppose that Facebook asks me to verify my identity. Is it then legal for me to create a fake digital image of a passport showing my pseudonym as the real name and submit that as if it were an image ...
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Copyright of passport pictures

Let's say Person1 takes camera pictures of the following items and releases them as public domain: The external cover of her own USA passport The external cover of the USA passport of a willing ...
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