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Questions tagged [payment]

For questions relating to sending or receiving something of value (usually money) in exchange for goods, services, or to repay debt. This includes salary or other wages paid for time worked.

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11 votes
4 answers

Getting paid by mistake after leaving a company?

Pretend someone worked at a company and was paid monthly. A month after leaving they are paid their severance, and should not receive any payment in the future. A month later, they are contacted by ...
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1 answer

Can an employer force all employees to open bank accounts in the employees' names?

[asking regarding federal law in the U.S.A. only] Recently I have noticed low wage employers such as fast food and retail requiring employees to open a bank account through the employer. Such ...
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If a company never invoices me, am I obligated to do anything?

I hired a driving school to help me get my driver's license. My test was cancelled due to COVID and my last lesson was about a week before the test. The driving school and testing facility are two ...
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1 vote
2 answers

What power does an employer have over gratuities/tips?

First, what is the difference between tips and a gift? Can an employer legally order employees not to accept either? Can an employer order an employee to share it? For example in restaurants many have ...
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Is it possible to sue a UK based company from the US regarding debt collection?

I have a US-based LLC. The LLC is a service oriented company as opposed to product oriented. And all work is performed in the US. A UK-based client is delinquent in payments. The amount in dispute is ...
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3 answers

Can a business impose a minimum amout for credit card payment without notice?

Recently, I visited a bar I regularly attend and purchased what I normally get, which has a pre-tip total of less than $10. When I went to pay the check with my credit card, I was told that there was ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Refusing income or payment without tax liabilities

I am part of a non-profit organization that is insisting on paying me for my time. For personal reasons, this payment is more costly for me to accept than to disclaim it entirely. Is there a proper ...
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2 votes
2 answers

Can my employer deduct from my pay check?

Recently my employer payed me a market salary adjustment. I thought it might be an error so I contacted HR. HR assured me it was my money and I was entitled to it. Now they are telling me it was in ...
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When does failure to pay become a material breach of contract?

As a follow-up to Work for hire as a contractor without payment, can you withhold IP?, when does failure to pay become a material breach of contract?
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Any obligation to return an accidental second payout?

According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), if you receive an item you did not order - it should be considered as a gift - and you are not obligated to pay for it - or return it. Question is, ...
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2 answers

What are the trade-offs involved in accepting an offer to contract that would combine an installment payment and service fee?

Let's say someone purchased an item on an instalment payment plan from a company. They also subscribed to their services. The instalment scheme is separated from the monthly service fee. That means ...
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