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Japan: Civil Code (Act 89 of 1896, Act 44 of 2017): Where are penalty scopes described?

Civil Code of Japan is described in Acts 89 of 1896, I am not sure why there is dual reference, probably it was mended in 2017 under Act 44. I.e. the Civil Code of Japan, most part of which is ...
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How much penalty can consumers get in USA or other country in Europe?

According to Article 55 in "consumer protection law including 2013 amendments(Chinese law)" : Where proprietors fraudulently provide goods or services, they shall follow consumers' requests ...
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How can a penalty charge notice result in adverse impact on one’s credit score?

If one totally neglects and disregards penalty charge notices and the ensuing proceedings etc can it result in adverse effect upon one’s credit score?
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Are there any contract/law-based incentives for someone on their death-bed to obey the law?

Walter is told that he has 1 week to live. So he goes on his twitter profile, and posts the KFC secret formula, airs all the dirty laundry of his boss, etc.. Basically, he breaks every last NDA he was ...
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How often can you appeal a rejection of the appeal(s) made? [closed]

How often can you appeal a rejection of the appeal(s) made regarding a penalty fare notice? The appeal is appealing to the good nature and sense of humanity and justice, as the initial appeal was ...
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What are the possible penalties for the misuse of a coat of arms?

As far as I'm aware, disputes about the misuse of heraldry in England and Wales are dealt with in the first instance by the High Court of Chivalry, which hasn't convened since the mid-twentieth ...
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Is a US Government order to a private media company to suppress an article/story a violation of the First Amendment?

I'm trying to better understand this comment (and its implications): In a pure hypothetical (so as to avoid any speculation on whether or not it happened), if the US Government were to be found to ...
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What is the penalty for a bad-acting witness/expert?

Say Alice from the defense/prosecution meets with Bob, some expert/witness, to establish some "facts", and then Alice agrees to call Bob to the stand to establish those "facts" for ...
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What is the penalty for a bad-acting juror?

Let's say Bob is part of the jury during a trial. But Bob is a dishonest/bad juror. What penalties could he face, and what party would be prosecuting him? The particular scenarios I have in mind are: ...
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What's the legal consequence of leaving the United States without using one's U.S. passport?

I read on U.S. nationals, including dual nationals, must use a U.S. passport to enter and leave the United States. Dual nationals may also be required by the foreign country ...
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Can a civil disability be applied without a trial?

In an article promoted in this tweet a blue-check attorney makes a claim that some Congressmen can be disqualified from holding public office because of A14.3. He claims that a criminal conviction is ...
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Will breaking a lease damage my credit score? [closed]

I have to break my lease to move out of state. The landlord is telling me I will damage my credit and will not be able to rent another apartment for approx 7 years. Is this true?
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What are the legal violations and criminal penalties likely to be for the protesters that entered the Capitol on January 6, 2021?

I'm curious to know what sort of legal ramifications there can or will be for the Trump supporters who entered the Capitol building on January 6, 2021. I've seen it being called an "assault"...
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Can someone be punished with death penalty for other reasons than murder?

In the states that have the death penalty, can Jon Doe be sentenced to death if he did not commit murder or a national security crime? I'm not asking if he could be wrongly sentenced. Let's say Jon ...
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Can this 7% annual interest penalty on NJ security deposit be applied after the lease has ended?

Below is the penalty to which my question refers. The landlord NEVER gave info on where the deposit was held (at the outset or annually) as is required by law. The landlord also changed the account ...
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