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Questions tagged [personal-information]

This tag is for questions about information concerning a specific person. It includes privacy issues, access issues, and security issues.

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(USA) Can reproduction of a public record be prohibited?

Partial image of what I suspect is a public record: Is "reproduction prohibited" legally enforceable?  That would make thousands of genealogists in violation, as well as sites like ...
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Search engine data breaches, osint

Such a search engine that is deliberately created for the purpose of collecting open source information about security related incidents including data breaches and including a link to the source that ...
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Personal data protection act in Malaysia

Does the Personal Data Protection Act in Malaysia include location data such as GPS data? What kind of policies and regulations need to be considered when a company tries to process the customer's ...
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After we sign up online website for services, we give up our phone number and email address,legally what can the company do internally and exterally

During the pandemic time, fond myself signup a lot of food delivery services, where pretty much they all asks my phone, email and address. And some online services Now, I got call from people trying ...
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What legal limits are there on large scale population genetic capture and analysis?

A recent paper speculates that it is currently possible to capture human genetic material from the environment in a way that individuals can be identified and their genetics analysed. Inadvertent ...
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Does COPPA require that users who provide PII while under 13, then turn 13 have their PII purged?

If there is a user of an online website who provides PII while under the age of 13, then later turns 13, would COPPA require that that person have their PII purged from that online website?
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Is it legal to advertise a service as 'free' if they collect data?

I noticed that a lot of companies label themselves as 'free' even though they collect personal data (which in today's day and age is practically a currency in and of itself). I was wondering how/if it'...
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Twitter has no "delete account" button - no mention of data deletion after 30 days of account deactivation - GDPR and European law enforcement

I want to delete my Twitter account. I believe Article 17(1)(a) of GDPR compels Twitter to give me the option to do that. But Twitter has no "delete account" button. There is only a "...
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Is Doxing illegal in Iceland?

While it is my understanding that electronically or postally publishing someone's personal information in an attempt to cause them emotional distress, intimidate them, or place them in reasonable fear ...
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