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Misleading business name

What legal actions can be taken against a company that uses manipulative naming tactics, such as including the word 'All' in its name, in order to mislead or confuse customers? Are there any laws or ...
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What case can be brought against a former employer for unpaid wages?

In the Philippines, what case can be brought against an employer who has not paid its employees? What kind of case would that be, and would it be with the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE)?
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Is it legal to use a chatbot as a middleman to access the Web?

In my country (Philippines) Facebook Messenger is free, without the images and video. Even if you don't purchase balance data, you can use Messenger as long as you can connect to the internet. We want ...
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Can a 17 year-old legally sign an International Employment Contract?

I would like to know if a 17 year old is allowed to sign an International Employment Contract. Details: Employee is in the Philippines where it is legal for a 17 year old to work a full time job. ...
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Breaking Filipino laws outside of the Philippines

If some one breaks the laws of the Philippines in their own country and then visits the Philippines, what happens?
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Police officer killed by a rooster, during an illegal cock fight

A Philippine police lieutenant was killed by a rooster, when he tried breaking up an illegal cock fight that is linked to the spread of Covid-19. Would the owner of the rooster be criminally liable ...
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Force leave on bad faith is illegal, what does bad faith mean?

This is question about Philippines labor law. Force leave or floating status is putting an employee for a specific amount of time away from work because of circumstances like no project or disaster. ...
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What are the legal consequences if caught violating the COVID-19 Metro Manila curfew from 2020-03-15 to 2020-04-14?

What are the legal consequences if caught violating the COVID-19 Metro Manila curfew from 2020-03-15 to 2020-04-14?
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How do I prevent my forced marriage?

I'm an 18 year old girl in Philippines studying in a college. My father wanted me to marry to someone and already arranged it without even asking me. But I don't want to marry. I'm 18 now, can law ...
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Will I sued for recording someone without their consent?

I want to know if I can be sued in the Philippines for recording someone without letting them know? I was being ganged up by my own family and decided to hide under my blanket when I decided to record ...
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Can I take a picture of my company server room and post it on Facebook?

Is there a law that prohibits the taking of photos of a company server room and posting it as a status in Facebook? Every component is exposed but... no software ID, usernames or passwords even IP ...
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Six months probationary period

I have read and understand 6 months probationary period rule, that employee exceeds 6 months of probationary period shall be regularized otherwise informed by the employer to not continue. Now the ...
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Do I have the right to enter into someone house without permission if my child is in there?

Here's the situation Main persons: my daughter Maria, 16 years old my daughter's friend Mario, over 18 years old My daughter was asked by her friend Mario to hang out at someone's ...
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Can a Recruitment Officer be sued for working for another company of the same industry as his former one?

Setting: Republic of the Philippines (however, international views are also welcome). Let's consider my friend as an example, and let's refer to his former employer as "Old Company" and his new ...
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Is it legal to plant lots of trees and plant in an unoccupied lot?

Background: Adjacent to our house is an empty lot that has been neglected: its owner lives in another country, and it has collected litter. My parents said that they discussed purchasing the lot ...
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Is "expiring" business software considered sabotage?

I developed a software system for my employer. Because this was outside my job description the owner agreed to pay me monthly to maintain the system. Because I knew the owner had a tendency not to ...
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