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Is smart watch illegal while in control of the vehicle?

From the website: It’s illegal to hold and use a phone, sat nav, tablet, or any device that can send or receive data, while driving or riding a motorcycle. A smartwatch can send or receive ...
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GDPR, online shopping and phone numbers for shipping - Is it legal?

Many webshops expect the phone number to be entered for shipping. My understanding of the GDPR is that you are not even allowed to ask information which is not absolutely needed for the given task. ...
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Is phone number required for providing phone warranties in Australia?

When buying a phone in retail store, they ask for my phone number so that they can "provide phone warranties". Is this an excuse to obtain my phone number for marketing purposes? Is it ...
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In India, what phone location tracking may or must network providers do to aid police?

For android phones in India- 1). suppose if a phone was moving around within few miles radious for few days and it was turned on several times in that duration. But now the phone is turned off ...
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Interpretation of EU roaming obligations for non-EU states

Situation While travelling, I entered Andorra (not a member of the EU) and stayed there for 2 days. I was unaware that Andorra was not included in the list of countries in which EU-roaming is free. (...
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Would it be legal to erase, disable, or destroy your phone when a CBP agent attempted to seize it?

If a Customs and Border Protection agent demanded that I give him my phone while I (a US citizen) was re-entering the US, would it be legal for me to activate some kind of "panic button" ...
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Is blocking third-party phone numbers GDPR-compliant?

To be compliant with GDPR you have to process phone numbers as personal data. Suppose there is a service which users can subscribe to in order to block calls from numbers which the users nominate. The ...
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How do people with a flip phone comply with Australia's new law? [closed]

Recently Australia passed regulations requiring some citizens to download an app to their phones and occasionally send geotracked selfies to the government to confirm their location. How would someone ...
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What rights and responsibilities exist with respect to mobile phone use and arrest?

It is in the news today that Wayne Couzens made an unlawful arrest of Sarah Everard in the process of her murder. If one found oneself in a situation where this was a possibility an obvious solution ...
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Purchasing cell phone without warranty

What does it mean when, for a consumer such as myself, purchasing say a Xiaomi phone without a warranty from Amazon? If it states returnable/refundable? Why should it be a concern?
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GDPR - Who Called Me type of situation

I would like to ask how does it work with GDPR and a service like "who called me". Basically there are no publicly listed phone numbers as these kind of websites are using pretty much every ...
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What responsibilities do mobile phone operators have if a plan they offer is ruled illegal in court?

There was a recent court ruling by the European Court of Justice about net neutrality (source, unfortunately in German). Essentially the operators where offering plans with a limited full speed ...
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Which kind of lawyer does a hacking and spying victim need? [closed]

In the event that someone hacks your devices in order to let people on the internet spy on you every day, which kind of lawyer do you need to attack the situation? Based on what's being done and how ...
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In the US, can telephone service providers ban people for using their services for primarily illegal activities?

Telecommunications providers, such as phone companies, are subject to universal service obligations by the Communications Act of 1934. Section 201(a) provides that: It shall be the duty of every ...
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How can it be done? [closed]

In the UK, under the Snoopers Charter, how can the police hack into your phone? What would they see and how can it be done? Can it be done to any phone model?
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Will a mobile provider cut off services?

For instance, if a mobile phone provider received a court order/request for subscriber details because of ‘illegal’ activity, would they cut that subscribers services because of it or even make their ...
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Would I have any legal grounds to sue a phone manufacturer for locking the bootloader?

My question is related to the one here: Is it legal for manufacturers to lock bootloaders on Android phones? However, while that question and the answers focus on the GPL and its implications, I'm ...
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Is it election fraud or otherwise against the law to call a leaked caucus hotline being used for election?

Part of the media's narrative for the Iowa caucus is that pro-Trump pranksters/trolls from 4chan prank called the Iowa caucus locked up the phone lines preventing the redundant system from assisting ...
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Do US landline carriers have safe harbor for carrying illegal calls?

I am curious to know if US landline carriers have safe harbor for carrying illegal calls? That is, are the carriers somehow immune from an action when they carry illegal calls on their network? The ...
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Does my phone company have the right to charge me later for a service that I never requested?

I have a phone service that charge a flat rate every month providing 30GB data at high speeds and then unlimited data at 2G. Now I noticed that as I finished my 30GB data quota, the company never ...
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What legal charges could I face after this action?

So it seems I might have made a mistake. It was sunday evening and I was hanging out with around 10 people aged between 16 and 26 (rough estimate). At one point I grabbed the phone of one of the ...
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Is it legal to record audio using a phone if the phone has been stolen?

I am thinking of creating a business wherein I use specialized software on a client's phone that can be leveraged in the event that the phone in question gets stolen or the owner kidnapped. The ...
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Will the new australian telecoms bill allow to compel companies to build spy functionality into their software?

According to companies could be required to enhance their software to allow for spying. They would ...
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If I were to lend my phone to someone that then used it for criminal purposes, would I be liable?

This assumes that I don't know that the person I lend the phone to will use it for illegal purposes, that the illegal purposes are along the lines of corresponding and collaborating with other ...
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In states with phone restrictions while driving, does that apply to all devices?

Many states in the US have a hands-free phone law prohibiting drivers from calling or texting while at the wheel and on the road. Many others have lesser restrictions, such as only prohibiting new ...
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GDPR and a cell phone paid through work?

Company Contacts page From what I understand, the contact information at work is not regulated by GDPR since it is considered B2B. For instance my private email is regulated by GDPR, but my work ...
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