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Who do I contact regarding DA not charging sexual assault offender [closed]

I was sexually assaulted which injured hip and psoas muscle, told DHHS bc im and was disabled & offender was DHHS CWS , filed police report 5-29-21 a year later Salem crime survivors a lady named ...
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How much evidence of sexual harassment do the FBI or the police require in order to get a search warrant for the servers of a company?

Let's say a minor calls the police or goes to them and reports that she got a sexual text on snapchat, but she has no proof. Is that enough probable cause for police to seek a warrant directed to ...
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What provisions allow police to bring an elderly person home against their will?

On January 6, 2021, police famously detained late then 90-odd year old Eric Levy outside of Westminster magistrate's court, and everyone thought that he had been arrested for breaching Coronavirus ...
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In India, what phone location tracking may or must network providers do to aid police?

For android phones in India- 1). suppose if a phone was moving around within few miles radious for few days and it was turned on several times in that duration. But now the phone is turned off ...
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When can one's phone be seized to retrieve video evidence taken on its camera?

Meet Bob. Bob was at a pub when a brawl broke out and when police attended he was still filming it including the arrests on his phone. Meet Alice. Alice was at a protest when someone started accosting ...
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What is the reason for the procedure of stop-and-account to be defined and named? [closed]

What is the reason for the procedure of stop-and-account to be defined and named if it does not carry any powers to compel a subject to comply with it?
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Is it generally legally allowed for UK police to lie to people in the regular course of discharging their policing duties?

Generally speaking can one count on the words coming out of a British police officer in uniforms mouth as truthful? Under what circumstances is it permitted not to be? Is there any special ...
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When is one required to provide one's name and DOB to the police if one wishes to avoid arrest?

Meet Bob. Bob was exercising his guaranteed right of freedom of expression by shouting to a high profile politician remarks which implied in no soft terms that they are a corrupt tyrant. Police ...
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Can a person make a subject access request for police body cam footage?

A British Transport Police officer accused a subject of wasting police time after the subject waited patiently for police attendance to resolve a situation with a counterpart who had called police. ...
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Can you refuse to vacate your car when police gives you an order to do so?

Are you legally required to leave your car when a police officer tells you to do so? If you ask police if you are under arrest and they say no then I dont see a reason why you should? Maybe if they ...
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Can someone be arrested for not being ‘nice’ to police?

We came out of a night club and there was a police car with dogs barking at the back of it. For some reason this fascinated my friend and he stood behind the police car laughing and watching the dogs ...
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How are police powers subject to separation of powers?

I recognized that finding a precise definition of police powers is a bit challenging. But, would it be reasonable to say that police powers are those powers of government reserved to the States by the ...
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Is it against the constitution to require restaurants to only serve people with a vaccine certificate in the United States?

I heard that New York is implementing a vaccine certificate for people who want to do certain indoors activities such as going to the cinema, eating and training, so I was wondering if that was ...