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How is reading in charges compatible with presumption of innocence?

I am a watcher of police bodycam footages, and sometimes I hear that charges are dismissed but read in (especially in Wisconsin) which would mean that they would get onto your record Doesn't that ...
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Is "Innocent until proven guilty" merely a cliche used in legal dramas?

A comment on this site says: Who says "Innocent until proven guilty"? That's a lame cliche for legal dramas. Is this true? Or is the phrase "Innocent until proven guilty" found ...
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“Innocent until proven guilty” literally?

Some years ago, a police officer named Derek Chauvin was found guilty of 2nd degree murder of George Floyd. He received a sentence of about 20 years. At the time it was reported that had he been a ...
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How does the presumption of innocence apply to investigative interest by police?

Does the presumption of innocence apply at the investigatory phase of a criminal inquiry? For instance if a crime victim presents the police with substantial circumstantial evidence pointing it a ...
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Is presumption of innocence also applicable for private contracts?

Imagine US citizen X has its US home broadband contracted with US corporation FastNet LLC. One day FastNet LLC cuts the service stating that "Citizen X has violated ours terms and conditions"...
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What does "presumed innocence" mean in the case of S Rushdie attack?

The public defender of Hadi Matar (the man who attacked Salman Rushdie), Nathaniel Barone, said [Hadi Matar] has that constitutional right of presumed innocence What does that mean in that context? ...
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Under what circumstances is it lawful or unlawful for police to disclose one's information to third parties, e.g. complainants?

Is it basically neither prohibited nor required and thus entirely to police discretion as to whether or not to disclose parties' details to either their purported victims, or to other parties like ...
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