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If exactly one of two people committed a crime, but both deny it, how is conviction handled? [duplicate]

Say a crime has been committed, and there are literally only 2 suspects, one of whom it HAD to be. How can the conviction be handled? As an example: Bob and Carl are caught alone in a room with a ...
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What does "presumed innocence" mean in the case of S Rushdie attack?

The public defender of Hadi Matar (the man who attacked Salman Rushdie), Nathaniel Barone, said [Hadi Matar] has that constitutional right of presumed innocence What does that mean in that context? ...
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Under what circumstances is it lawful or unlawful for police to disclose one's information to third parties, e.g. complainants?

Is it basically neither prohibited nor required and thus entirely to police discretion as to whether or not to disclose parties' details to either their purported victims, or to other parties like ...
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