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A person acting as their own legal representation.

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Alternative to "Isn't it true that...?" when questioning witnesses

I am a parent who is going to a special education impartial hearing without a lawyer. I have read that with school district witnesses, I am allowed to ask questions of the form "Isn't it true that...?...
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What resources are available to a pro se litigant?

Suppose I am not a professional lawyer but I have standing and want to bring a case to court pro se. To make this widely applicable and more readily answerable: Suppose I want to file a 42 USC 1983 ...
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Unable to afford a lawyer, can I go into court by myself?

A lot of people are unable to afford a public defender, so I was wondering if this is possible.
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What are the potential pitfalls of representing oneself pro se?

Where do pros se litigants most often fail? Is it because of ignorance of legal protocols? Is it because they use overly aggressive tactics that most lawyers wouldn't use? Is it because they failed to ...
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How successful are non-lawyers when filing declaratory judgements?

First, note that I wanted to ask the question "how hard is it to file and argue a declaratory judgment?" But that would have probably been a subjective question. But if you could include in your ...
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Why would a defendant in the Georgia 2020 election subversion case who is also a lawyer NOT represent himself? [duplicate]

One would think that several co-defendants in the Georgia 2020 election subversion case are able to represent themselves, such as John Eastman, Sidney Powell, Rudy Giuliani, Jeffrey Clark, etc. due to ...
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Are exhibits presented in order of importance or the order they'relisted?

Are exhibits listed in the order they appear or in order of importance? I'm following the sample format on my county's "self-help center" for pro se litigants, and the example is for another ...
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Do courts award legal costs to successful pro se litigants?

Say someone represents himself in court and wins. There were no lawyers hired but the win costed him days of legal research (instead of working in his normal profession, paid per hour of factual work),...
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