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In US District Court, can a plaintiff amend a complaint , more than 21 days after service, if extensions are granted to file an answer?

When a complaint requires correction of a mistake or misstatement, which relates to the amount of relief they are entitled to, based upon the same claim/cause of action, but more than 21 days have ...
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What is the origin of shouting 'Objection!' in the American courtroom?

Recently, I have been thinking about the intriguing practice, or at least ‘intriguing’ in my opinion, of shouting ‘Objection!’ as a witness is questioned in court, which, as I believe it, is more a ...
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2 answers

What is the functional purpose of the practice of seeking permission from a lower/trial court to appeal its own decision?

An appeal is fundamentally an affair pertaining to the transcendence of a particular court in order to solicit and invoke the authority of one of a higher level. So what is originally the purpose of ...
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What do courtroom "procedural rules" and "rules of evidence" mean in the US?

What do courtroom "procedural rules" and "rules of evidence" mean in the US? Please give some examples of each and how do they relate to each other. Thanks.
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What was the origin of procedure rules?

I’m guessing that they started out much simpler and more rudimentary than they are now, before which they were probably non existent and it was just a case of a Lord of the court admitting parties of ...
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