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Is it legal to store gold at home in the USA?

Is it legal to store physical gold at home in the US? If so, what taxes may be applied on the gold held at home, in form of both jewelry or raw gold?
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Is there any official law that prohibits the use of tritium in France?

I remember reading people talking about the fact that the use of tritium is forbidden in France (automatic watches used to have tritium paint to glow in the dark; now they mostly use phosphorescent ...
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Has the Volstead Act been repealed?

My understanding is that the Volstead Act implemented Prohibition after the 18th Amendment. When that was repealed by the 21st Amendment, it was assumed that the Volstead Act was no longer ...
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Can you operate a liquor service outside a prohibited area and make deliveries into the prohibited area?

There is one small holdout in Southern Alberta where prohibition of liquor is still in effect. Consumption isn't prohibited, but the sale of liquor is. There was even a recent plebiscite where the ...
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Is it legal to drink alcohol in public in Penn Station, New York?

In the central concourse of Penn Station there are four or five deli counters advertising and selling draft beer. It is served in a large plastic cup with a straw. There is no place to sit in the deli ...
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