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Spanish Will Office?

Imagine somebody writes a will in Spain, and later on dies. For some reason, this has not been posted, nor was the beneficiary notified through any other means. Is there a central government office, ...
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Is a Nazi party legal in the US?

I read about the leading case National Socialist Party of America v. Village of Skokie and got curious about the legality of having a Nazi party in the US. The Wikipedia article on that party says it ...
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Is there any entity legally responsible for the Highway 1 collapse in California?

It is lucky that no one was hurt, but someone could easily die in such a collapse. Should that happen, is there anyone legally responsible? The news coverage talks extensively about how “this should ...
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How do I anonymously report the Establishment Clause being broken?

My daughter's public school principal has put up Christian symbols and quotes and also invited a public speaker to present during an assembly who told students that God and prayer was the answer to ...
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Is the Code of Conduct of an institution legally binding in the UK?

Suppose there is a public institution (i.e. funded by the government using tax payers' money) in England that was set up through a Royal Charter. The institution has a Code of Conduct for a specific ...
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if a politician blocks a constituent on Facebook, is it a breach of the constituent's first amendment rights?

Our local mayor in Lafayette Colorado, Christine Berg, just resigned to "spend more time with family". Then, a couple of days later, I notice that she's being sued by a constituent for blocking him ...
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For a politician, is a lunch outing with Warren Buffet considered a $650,000 gift?

There is a story in the news about Nikki Haley (now former US ambassador to the UN) taking trips in a friend's (and political supporter's) private jet. See story: Watchdog wants investigation of ...
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Could a wealthy person legally pay an elected official to resign?

Aside from morals and civic duty, what's stopping wealthy people from paying elected officials they do not like to resign? Would doing so be illegal in the United States? To a certain extent this ...
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Is it illegal for someone holding a public office in the United States to accept money intended as a bribe if they do not act on the bribe?

Theoretically say that an individual is offered a bribe from someone to not do action X. The individual accepts the money, but does action X anyways. The bribe was, obviously, not part of a legally ...
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Salary gaps in public sector (not due to discremination)

My relative works in the NHS as a data analyst. Her direct supervisor earns 3.5 time her salary (she knows that as the role has just been advertised and HR responded with the pay scale for the role). ...
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Why do prominent public figures resign, instead of being prosecuted, when they appear to have committed a crime?

A few examples: Iceland's prime minister resigned when his relationship to the Panama Papers was discovered. The police superintendent in Chicago, Illinois, USA was fired when a video containing a ...
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Was it formerly illegal for a woman to be president of the United States?

Was there some statute or other law a century ago that said only males could serve as president? If so, when did that change (if in fact it did)?
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