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Is there an email directory of police departments and sheriffs offices for submitting FOI requests?

I have been doing research related to FOI (Freedom of Information) fees and itemized invoices in particular. In this effort I have been contacting a number of departments and offices (ideally all) in ...
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How can one search for matrimonial cases in the New Jersey court system?

Can anyone help me in my quest for finding updated listings of matrimonial cases in New Jersey? I have looked at the "Find a Case" page of the New Jersey Courts website but I cannot find any ...
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Are requests of court documents recorded somewhere (NYC jurisdiction)?

I'm specifically concerned with the request of documents relating to arraignments, though I don't know if that makes a difference. If a person requests the documents pertaining to an arraignment, is ...
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Are police reports public records?

Are police reports public records? For example, if I know about a crime, either through first hand knowledge or a news article, and I request in writing the police report on the crime, do I have a ...
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Are legal records usually fragmented in countries other than the U.S.?

In the U.S., lawsuits can be brought in federal courts, state courts, local courts, etc. Each court keeps its own records, making it hard to do legal due diligence on a single entity (firm or ...
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