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In Germany, why are fines for fare evasion more likely to lead to jail time than other traffic-related fines?

For most traffic related offences in Germany, eg: illegal parking, driving intoxicated and speeding, the punishment is a fine. But, if you enter the public transprot without ticket, then you are ...
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Do you have to show your ticket to a TfL ticket inspector after you have alighted from the bus?

It is in the news that a Metropolitan Police officer is being investigated after a mother was wrongfully arrested for bus fare evasion. However it is not clear, to me at least, exactly what the legal ...
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How often can you appeal a rejection of the appeal(s) made? [closed]

How often can you appeal a rejection of the appeal(s) made regarding a penalty fare notice? The appeal is appealing to the good nature and sense of humanity and justice, as the initial appeal was ...
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What is the meaning of “on the railway”?

Rule 6 of the TfL Railway Byelaws provide in several contexts for behaviour that shall not be committed “on the railway.” What here is the scope of “the railway”? Does it include station platforms? ...
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Unreasonably refused carriage by TfL

Suppose Bob takes his bike every day on the London Overground which he is entitled to do under the rules if it is not peak time. One day he goes to ride the train and his chain has broken and it is ...
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