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What do you put on Nation when filing out a Legal Document online? I'm from Puerto Rico

I'm filing out a legal document online. Puerto Rico is never included under "Nation" when ordering stuff online, and it is always under "State" to make the process easier. But for ...
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In what language(s) are laws written in Puerto Rico?

A comment on the recent question about the possibility of U.S. laws in Spanish mentioned an assumption that Puerto Rican law would be mostly in Spanish. Not being familiar with Puerto Rican law, this ...
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Why does 48 U.S.C. § 864 require English in Puerto Rican federal court if the US has no official language?

The US famously has no official language, and federal courts in removal jurisdiction are required to apply state law (which applies equally to Puerto Rico—48 U.S.C. § 864). Given that Puerto Rico's ...
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Can a US citizen who moves from Puerto Rico to Canada vote in the presidential election?

An American who moves abroad maintains the status he had when he lived in the homeland. So a New Yorker who moves to Canada still can vote for his congressman, senator and the nation's president. (...
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Why the same-sex marriage Supreme Court decision applies also to Puerto Rico when the Fourteen Amendment does not apply to territories?

This is in relation to a comment on this question that I also made. In one of the comments, one of the users made this statement: The Fourteenth Amendment talks about states (and Puerto Rico is ...
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Are limiting voting rights to residents of Puerto Rico unconstitutional?

This is something that I have been thinking after the decision from Supreme Court legalizing same-sex marriages. The Supreme Court based its decision on the fact that prohibiting same-sex marriages ...
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