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Is an employer required to provide full time sign interpreters to mute employees?

I visited a retailer and went through the self checkout till where I was assisted by a mute employee, who communicated with me through a sign interpreter whose job seemed to be to shadow and ...
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Before Terry, did the Fourth Amendment require a warrant for all searches and seizures or only the "unreasonable" ones?

I'm trying to understand the direct meaning of the Fourth Amendment as best as possible. The Amendment states the following (emphasis added): The right of the people to be secure in their persons, ...
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How is the "reasonable force" requirement applied to fights that end up in a grapple?

In the England and Wales ones right to respond to attacks is limited to what is considered "reasonable force". The CPS sum up with a quote from Palmer v R, [1971] AC 814: It is both good ...
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Is there a reasonability limit on the complexity of terms and conditions?

Background story: We booked an Emirates Flight earlier in the year, Emirates made substantial changes to the itinerary and I was trying to figure out whether we can get our money back. Emirates ...
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Are there exceptions to the "reasonable person" standard?

In Dominion v. Sidney Powell, the defense has invoked the reasonable person standard. It is my understanding that Powell's First Amendment right is not tested as the plaintiff is Dominion Voting ...
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