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Evidence of a payment or transaction

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Do shops have to provide printed receipt for transaction in California? Do we have to go into the mart for receipt at gas station?

Sure, if we can go into the food mart at the gas station for printed receipt. At the same time, I drop off some package at UPS at Walgreens locations, Walgreens employees can't private any print ...
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Is a medical provider required to provide a bill and/or receipt for a payment in Massachusetts?

We are currently self-payers for medical services. We found that many providers have trouble dealing with this and in particular it's very difficult to get proper documentation of the services ...
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Are taxi drivers in Thailand allowed to charge customers for writing a receipt?

I read: Oh and if you're looking for a receipt – the receipt printer is hidden, right on the dashboard, under a towel. It might not have paper anyway, and if they write a receipt for you, they'll ...
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Am I legally obligated to let a store clerk see my receipt? [duplicate]

For as long as I can recall, bulk stores in the area I live (e.g. Costco, BJs, etc.) have checked customers' receipts as they exit the store to verify that all items in their cart are what was ...
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Why do companies need to keep invoices for their business expenses as well as receipts?

I understand that when a limited company makes business expenses, it should keep track of invoices that their suppliers issue them, as well as receipts showing that the company has paid these invoices....
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Can I sell a handshake?

Can I charge someone for a hand gesture such as a high five or a handshake? How would a receipt be written for such a thing? It seems like a silly question but I am genuinely curious and want to make ...
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VAT inclusive prices and receipts

Quite frequently when you buy something online from a company's web-site you see the price and it states that all applicable taxes are included. The company, however, will never disclose to you if ...
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can a doctor write me a receipt for services rendered using a prescription slip?

I had a friend visit a doctor and he issued him a receipt for payment, written on his official little "post-it style" prescription slips. We were laughing about it, but is it possible for ...
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Can a private individual issue receipts?

In certain jurisdictions such as Singapore, sole proprietorships must be registered. In these jurisdictions, can a private individual issue receipts? Perhaps a more specific legal question is: where ...
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Is it legal to trade receipts

Companies can claim an expense as long as they have the mean to justify it, usually in the form of invoice or receipt. I have heard of self-employed picking up random receipts (that they didn't incur) ...
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Can someone collect damages without providing receipts?

This question could apply to any part of the United States, but particularly to California, which is unusually consumer friendly. Suppose I am involved in minor car accident (basically a fender ...
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Is a Receipt From the DMV Legal Proof of Purchase?

I recently purchased a used car and transfered the title at a licensing center with the previous owner. I paid for the taxes,tabs, and plates, received a few dollars back in change (I was surprised, ...
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Wrong industry code, is it legal?

I live in Denmark, and someone sent me an invoice of a work they did, they charged me for the job more than I expected, when I take a look at the CVR information online, it shows they have apparently ...
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What are EU requirements for listing VAT on receipts?

I'm working with a U.S. dot-com that sells around the world. A lot of corporate customers, especially in Spain and Italy, insist that they need their VAT number listed on all receipts for payments ...
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Can a landlord refuse to give a receipt for rent payment?

Is it legal for a business to refuse to give you a receipt when you pay them? For example a property management company refused to give someone a receipt for rent because they had not yet signed a ...
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Disappearing ink on receipts: do sellers have to make the receipt that is visible at least X number of days?

The issue with disappearing ink on receipts is notorious. Are sellers required to make the receipt visible at least X number of days? I am mostly interested in the following locations: California, ...
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