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Questions tagged [recording]

Video and/or audio recording. For eavesdropping on telecommunications specifically use the "wiretapping" tag.

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What are my rights in videoing an encounter with a hostile person?

Scenario I asked a fellow dog-walker to prevent their dog from snapping at mine. They became very irate but I just walked away from the situation. I may have said "Please keep your dog under ...
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Do I need a disclaimer for a camera in a private restroom?

I will be leasing an apartment. Because maintenance personnel will be entering when I am not home, I plan to setup cameras throughout the apartment. I have confirmed this is not a lease violation to ...
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Do the police need to tell me they are wearing a bodycam or turn it off before they enter my home?

I have an expectation of privacy within my own home, as such It's generally illegal to film me in my home without my knowledge. I'm wondering how that applies to bodycams on a police officer. If I ...
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Does Two-Party Consent Work Two Ways?

I'm in a sketchy business establishment, having a dispute with the owner/representative. Examples: I'm at the front desk of a cheap motel, complaining about a lack of hot water in my room. The front ...
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Is recording of other people in a work context without permission legal in Romania?

I am shortly going to Romania to perform an IT Audit. As an auditor, we often have to deal with people who become hostile towards us. For my own protection, in the United Kingdom I always video ...
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Does "vicarious consent" exception to ECPA apply in the 9th circuit?

In the US, ECPA/Wiretapping law prohibits interception/recording of phone conversations; an exception is when one party consents to the interception. In some circuit and state jurisdictions a parent ...
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Question about audio recording my in-person conversations in New York

In NY State, which is a 1 party consent state, can I audio record a conversation with my friend without their consent if they are a minor? ( I'm 18, he's 17 ) I was told minors can't consent to being ...
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Is photographing or recording a person without their consent a “nuisance or annoyance”?

I am interested in the answer in general, but also particularly interested in how Western Australia’s Public Transport Authority Regulations 2003 section 13 would apply: A person who acts in such a ...
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Why are electronic and photorecording devices prohibited in courtrooms?

Observers in open court hearings often must resort to taking notes by hand and making pencil sketches. In the US we often see limited snippets of video footage on TV, and yet, there is still the ...
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Is it legal to put a CCTV camera on a residential property covering a path with an easement?

What are the legal implications of a house owner putting a camera on their house which points at a path with an easement on it, such that someone else has a right of way on that path? I.e. it's not a ...
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What laws apply to using speech to text software to generate a transcript of a conversation without the parties' consent?

Most jurisdictions have laws that limit the ability to record audio without the consent of those being recorded. The exact requirements vary, but generally speaking, recording audio is much more ...
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Offering GDPR privacy policy for voice mail?

Voice mail recordings can be "personal data" according to the GDPR (i.e., if the caller’s telephone number belongs to a natural person, and/or if the message contains personal data), so a privacy ...
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Recording a video of a crime without criminal's knowledge and consent; is it considered evidence in Greece?

According to Article 370A of the Greek penal code: Παραβίαση του απορρήτου της τηλεφωνικής επικοινωνίας και της προφορικής συνομιλίας Όποιος αθέμιτα παρακολουθεί με ειδικά τεχνικά μέσα ή ...
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Legality of recording calls when recorded message is only heard by another recorded message

Many entities, both individuals and companies, record their phone calls. In many jurisdictions this is made legal by there being a recorded message at the start of the call informing the other party ...
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Is it legal to create my own recording of a call on a KNOWN State-recorded Court line?

Long story short, I received my first speeding ticket despite the fact that I was indeed, NOT speeding. I chose to submit everything in writing, as that was a choice made by the Court. I had an online ...
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Is GPS tracker legal after microphone removal? (Germany)

As I understand it, the possession of GPS trackers with a listening function is prohibited in Germany. Meaning that the environment of the tracker can be listened to by a built-in microphone. Suppose ...
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Is it legal to record a phone conversation if you pretend to be someone else?

In a recently published video, Alexey Navalny calls one of the FSB's operatives who participated in Navalny's poisoning, and, pretending to be his colleague, manages to record some evidence about the ...
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Video recording when your neighbours are creating nuisance?

Is it illegal to make a video recording when your neighbours are creating nuisance in the back garden?
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Is it legal for our site to store audio logs of calls made by users on our marketplace website?

Our marketplace website is thinking about adding a call recording feature to calls (our own Skype for the web essentially) made by users on the site, if they so choose to use it. The system would ...
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