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How does separation of church and state apply to the military academy choir singing Christmas carols?

During the holidays West Point military academy has a "holiday celebration", where their choir sung many traditionally secular holiday songs, sleigh bells, marshmallow world etc. However they also ...
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United States residents can't preach in Canada?

I have recently been told by someone with a background working in American border patrol that if an American tells a Canadian border patrol agent they're crossing to worship, things will be fine; but ...
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In the UK, can I legally request a different brand of medicine, if I cannot take the one prescribed for religious reasons?

I have been prescribed a medication by a specialist service in the NHS that does not contain a haram (religiously impermissible) excipient ingredient (i.e. non-active). When my prescription was ...
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Does Iran allow promotion of Sunni in their country?

As far as I know Iran officially hold Twelver Shiism as the state religion. With that saying, does Iranian law prohibit people (especially in massive political/social movement) that promotes ...
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Does a conscientious objector have the same rights as someone with religious exemption?

There are several laws that allow the omission of an SSN to employers and non-governmental agencies. The general context of those laws is a religious basis. As America becomes more secular, I wonder ...
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What is the legal role of a Christian baptism certificate?

One of our friends was required to submit her Christian baptism certificate when preparing her documents to get married in France. I'm not sure why that was required, and I'm wondering what is the ...
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