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Public Schools and Religion

So today at school (I go to a public high school in Texas) a substitute teacher told a kid to stop saying Jesus Christ. I was wondering if the teacher has the authority to do this? It was clearly for ...
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Would an online employment directory for graduates of Christian Colleges be discriminatory?

I recently read an article describing an employer who was trying to recruit Christian workers because he felt they were more honest. The article claims this behavior is breaking Federal Anti-...
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Religious exemption from alcohol monopolies

Do any of the areas that have government imposed alcohol monopolies (e.g. Pennsylvania, British Columbia, Manitoba, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Quebec, The Faroe Islands, Finland, Norway, Sweden, etc.) ...
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Employer-mandated participation in self-help meetings with strong pseudo-science and religious undertones

My employer has started a 7-week series of classes, to which all employees currently on the clock are expected to attend. We are paid for the time the same as if we had been working. The self-help ...
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Can U.S. states establish state religions?

The first amendment says: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the ...
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How does separation of church and state apply to the military academy choir singing Christmas carols?

During the holidays West Point military academy has a "holiday celebration", where their choir sung many traditionally secular holiday songs, sleigh bells, marshmallow world etc. However they also ...
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How is Christmas' status as a federal holiday legal?

It seems the United States federal government's establishment of Christmas, a religious holiday, as a federal holiday would be illegal under the establishment clause of the First Amendment. How is it ...
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Does a conscientious objector have the same rights as someone with religious exemption?

There are several laws that allow the omission of an SSN to employers and non-governmental agencies. The general context of those laws is a religious basis. As America becomes more secular, I wonder ...
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Do they open the Bible during the court process?

Is the Bible being opened during the process in any state in USA in order to recite a quote from it or whatever? Do they swear on the open Bible or closed?
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Is the bible used by judges?

When making a decision, can a judge use the bible or must he go strictly by the statutes?
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Religious exemptions to warrant?

In the second season episode of The X-Files "Red Museum," Mulder and Scully visit the home of a devout vegetarian, Odin, who refuses then access to his house because they eat meat. They don't have ...
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