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Concerning law regarding the contracting, payment, and collection of rent between a tenant and a landlord. Tag can also be used for rental agreements related to property other than real estate.

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Landlord gives 4 months notice to the rental agency which fails to give notice to the tenants

I am renting and I have been given a 1 month and half notice from my rental agency. In UK at the moment the minimum notice is 4 months. The landlord actually says that he gave the agency full 4 ...
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I don't like the payment methods offered by my landlord. Do I still have to pay rent?

Recently, a friend of mine signed a two year rental agreement with a small mom and pop rental place. At the time of signing, they offered credit cards as a way of paying, but a credit card is not ...
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Can a realtor show my apartment at will, with notice?

My apartment is for sale by its owner, who I'm currently renting from. The owner uses a management company and I deal with that company to pay rent, have things fixed, etc. I've never seen or talked ...
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Can I claim recompense if a government action destroys my house?

Let's say I rent out a house to someone who I don't know, but turns out to be a terrorist using a false identity. The government raids the house, there is a fight, and my house is destroyed. Can I ...
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Must a landlord warn potential rentees about previous pest infestation?

Must a landlord warn potential renters about previous pest infestations? I am mostly interested in the following locations: California, United States Massachusetts, United States Paris, France Seoul,...
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Being Billed for Services Not Rendered During Lockdown (UK, 2020)

My accommodation for the 2019/20 academic year included certain housekeeping benefits---these are in-built into the price, not billed separately. The exactly details are not so important, but the UK ...
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Why must victims of 'sex-for-rent' arrangements be legally defined as prostitutes to seek justice?

This Morning Star article describes attempts by Labour politicians to make it easier to prosecute 'sex-for-rent' arrangements, where landlords "demand sex from tenants in lieu of rent". The ...
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Gave 30 days notice of intent to vacate, roommate who subleases to me says I owe rent for each day the room is vacant

Location: San Francisco, CA Terms of my sublease: 3 months followed by month-to-month which may be terminated by either party after giving 30 days written notice. I entered the month-to-month period ...
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How does the prohibition on late rent fees work in MA?

In Massachusetts, USA, a landlord cannot charge interest or a penalty on late rent until 30 days after the due date. However, the landlord can begin the eviction process immediately, even if ...
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What is "reasonable wear" (4 years and 4 months) when comes to deposit return for the property?

I was renting a flat for 4 years and 4 months. I'm registered with In accordance with your tenancy agreement some of these works are deemed to be rechargeable. ...
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Am I allowed to exit my rental contract early because of my roommate?

I live in Germany and rented two rooms in a residential community ("WG") for several years. Recently, someone who behaves very badly moved in. He destroyed many things, smokes inside, always listens ...
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Am I allowed to intermediately rent my rooms for 2 months?

I live in Germany and rented two rooms in a residential community ("WG") for several years. Recently, someone moved in who behaves very badly. He destroyed many things, smokes inside, always listens ...
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