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If a friend allows me the right to store property on his property but eventually tires of this agreement, can he legally deny me access to my property

He gave me a “24-hour” time period to retrieve my property when he knew I would be busy and not able to. He gave me keys to locks that sealed entrances to his property without my request for them. He ...
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What happens to an AST tenant when their landlord defaults on his mortgage?

Larry buys a property on a mortgage and then lets it to Tim on a AST. Larry then defaults on his mortgage and the bank proceeds to repossess the property that is housing Tim. What is the process and ...
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Can a money claim given as part of a standard possession claim be granted where a possession order is denied in the case?

If a standard claim for possession of rented property is issued with an included claim for rent arrears on form N5, if it is judged that there is no legal entitlement to possession for the claimant, ...
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In an accelerated possession claim, if no written request for judgment is submitted by the claimant and no defence submitted by the defendant

Bob has claimed possession of a property from Alice. Alice has received the form from the court and not returned hers within the allotted 14 days. Under normal possession claims, the passage of this ...
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What changes in the legal standing of trespassers after they have been in a building for more than 28 days?

What changes in the legal position between trespassing occupiers claiming squatters rights who have been in occupation for less than 28 days and those who have for more than 28 days? How do the ...
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Can a "repo man" be arrested and charged for repossessing the wrong car (or other asset)

Is it a crime for a repo man to accidentally repo the wrong car? I'm sure at least occasionally they'd repo the wrong car. The bank (or whoever owned the loan) had already sent notices and tried ...
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Can a company repo your car if they are not on the title or contract and cannot show any proof they have ownership of the vehicle?

I leased a car in oct of 2018. Shortly there after I received a text message from a company in texas saying they bought the contract. No word from the original company. They never said they were ...
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How can I get back my dead mother's ring, which I gave to a family friend?

My mother has been dead for a couple of years now and upon her death I received her butterfly ring and her ashes. I had given her ring to a family friend who was like a mother to mine, but ...
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Resolution of intractable disagreements between shared car owners

The jurisdiction is the State of Maryland in the USA, should that fact be of interest. A friend of mine is involved in intractable dispute with the co-owner of a car. I'll call my friend Abe, and the ...
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When Does A Vehicle in Repossession Status Become GTA?

My question is when does a vehicle in repossession status become Grand Theft Auto? I'm an IT professional living in Oregon where I work for a gov't agency. Around January 2019, my co-worker, "Joe" ...
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Did I lose possession of my goods?

I live in France. 3 months ago, I was living with someone, in their flat, and I had to buy some piece of furniture (for about 700 euros). About 2 months ago, I had to leave this place because we ...
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What Travel Expenses are Allowed in a Civil Suit?

In a civil suit involving repossession of a car in a remote city in California, it seems obvious that I can sue for the airfare to that remote city. But, what about hotel and meal expenses (or other "...
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Can a family member's personal property be repossessed for debts? (UK)

If I live in a house owned by someone in debt, can a repo man repossess my personal property -- e.g., my computers? I live with a person who does not have a good credit history, so I constantly get ...
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What does a "Notice requiring possession" letter mean?

I am renting a house in the UK. My contract is for a year, started in December last year and will expire in December 2015. In the tenancy agreement says Landlord can cancel the contract with 2 ...
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Can residences be repossessed as with other real property?

Real property seems to have peculiar legal customs. For example, if somebody has leased property like a vehicle and defaults on their lease the most expeditious way for the true owner to recover the ...
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