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Does article 8 of the European Convention protect against the dissemination of sensitive information about a research subject in scientific research?

I have a couple of questions related to the scope of Article 8(1) of the European Convention on Human Rights and who can be responsible for infringements in the rights outlined in the article. My ...
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Is there any law limiting the extent to which one can grow brains in a lab in the United States? (e.g., max number of neurons, synapses, etc.)

Is there any law limiting the extent to which one can grow brains / brain organoids in a lab in the United States (e.g., max number of neurons, synapses, etc.)? E.g. to study brain diseases {1} or add ...
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Resources: decriminalization timeline list

I'm curious as to what decriminalization laws have been passed through out the years and at what times around the world. Are there any sort of lists or resources that deal with decriminalization laws ...
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Can a contract stop part-time employees (but not full time employees) getting a second part-time job?

I am currently considering a funded PhD post. They allow both full-time and part-time applications. They were very clear that if you do the PhD part-time, you at not allowed to do any other paid work, ...
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Can I, a med student, buy human neuronal cell lines?

Is there anything legally stopping me from purchasing cell lines of human neurons without any disclosed use (besides the ethical considerations)?
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Would I be liable to EULA & Terms of Use when reverse engineering a product (for research) without a formal contract/agreement?

I'd like to possibly to my bachelor thesis in Computer Science by reverse engineering some IoT devices such as security cameras & smart locks. The items will be purchased by myself (probably ...
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Are international US REU candidates considered "independent researchers" under B-1/B-2 visa category?

US REU programs sometimes accept "self-funded" international students. Such international candidates do not receive any financial assistance from the host university but participate in research. ...
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Grant access to previous public research results including IPR for the purpose of future commercial exploitation

We are building a project of technology transfer. In the project, one partner is a university XXX; the main contact person who will work with us is a professor. Previously, the professor and his team ...
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Where/whom can I look/contact to find historical minutes of murder trials in former Yugoslavia (circa 1925)?

I am writing an article about an alleged female serial killer that committed over 30 murders in former Yugoslavia (now Serbia, possibly in the town of Zrenjanin) around 1925. I have found several US ...
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