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Questions concerning the determination of legal residency in or between states in a federation (usually in the United States).

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Is mail valid proof-of-residence for Alabama driver's license?

Does anyone have guidance on official interpretations of the following listed option for “Proof of Principal Residence” in the context of Alabama Driver's License issuance?: U.S. or State Government ...
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Swedish permenant residency

I worked in Sweden as a work permit holder for 1 year and 3 months before I moved to USA. If I move back to Sweden after 1 year will my previous 1 year and 3 months work permit count towards getting a ...
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Can a landlord in Massachusetts charge a “landlord fee”? What might this fall under?

I’m looking at some places to rent in Massachusetts and I came across one that asks for first month’s rent ($750), a security deposit ($725), and a reputably low “landlord fee” ($365). I thought I saw ...
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Whether to enter a Scottish address on a UCAS application to a Scottish course when gaining work experience+eligibility for it in England

If one has resided in Scotland until graduation in Summer 2020 and worked in England since then for the purposes of gaining eligibility to a postgraduate Scottish course, is it permitted to enter one'...
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How to calculate years for a Permanent Residency in Poland?

I was a student for a 3.5 years, and later I worked for one year. How many years count toward Permanent Residency according to "USTAWA z dnia 12grudnia 2013r.o cudzoziemcach"? Art.195.1. ...
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