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If I use stolen money to gamble, do I get to keep the winnings?

If a person were to steal $10,000 from a convenience store and gamble with it, winning $500,000. And later they were caught, would the government only claw back the $10,000 or also the $500,000? Would ...
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contract law situation with no express agreement to pay

If a person A helps a person B with something, that is normally considered a service people pay for (e.g. car washing), but there is no contract nor written nor oral, does the person B owe money to ...
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What are the legal implications of Josh Pieters & Archie Manners's "gag" against Piers Corbyn?

See this video. Two YouTubers disliked piers Corbyn political agenda, so they contacted him to express their bad faith interest in donating financially to the ...
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How to get current insurance information from car owner of son's hit-and-run charges

A month ago I had a hit-and-run on my property and car, and a few hours later they were found at his mother's house. Car owned by mother, driver is her adult son. Mother finally gave investigating ...
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What's the purpose of large judgments against a defendant that clearly can't pay?

A few years ago I was on the jury of a civil trial wherein we ruled that the defendant should pay millions of dollars to the plaintiff. They were found guilty in the criminal trial and were not ...
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I'm owed compensation for assault. It's been almost 8 years and I haven't seen a penny

[Oxfordshire, England] When I was 15 [I am 22 now], I was mugged and beaten up by a group of three young men, the youngest of this group being 18. I called the Police, and the guys were caught. As it ...
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Can I collect restitution for stolen goods if my insurance has replaced them?

My residence was broken into and burglarized. My renter's insurance covered the cost of the stolen goods, though I did spend time reacquiring the goods and the claim affected my insurance plan was ...
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What legally happens if the person being sued cannot pay the amount owed. (Special Case)

Here's a situation related to a story that's been in the news lately. I have no experience with any legal situations, so apologies for using incorrect terms/vocab. Conditions: The person being sued ...
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What options do I have to receive restitution from a company that defrauded me and was convicted in 2004?

I was defrauded in 2004 by a company and all the members of that company have been in jail after being convicted in court. I saw that they were ordered to pay restitution, which I never received. ...
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What is "unjust enrichment?"

What is unjust enrichment under the law? It's understandable if associated with liability for wrongdoing. Apparently, this is not a necessary condition. How does it operate independently of liability ...
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