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Incorrectly Filing a Civil Case

What happens if a civil case is incorrectly filed? Is there recourse to request that the case be dropped and make the petitioner refile the case? For example, in Indiana, a petition for a protective ...
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Process of Protective Orders Hearing (Indiana)

My understanding is that, first, the petitioner testifies, presents evidence and possibly calls witnesses, and, the respondent does the same. My questions are the following. Is the the entire process ...
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What is a "valid" restraining order?

I honestly believe that a restraining order that I was arrested on was invalid, because it doesn't show up on my public record (rap sheet), and both the BCA, and director of public safety in my city ...
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What are the processes and requirements for obtaining a restraining order against an abusive family member in Florida?

I want to obtain a protective bubble of distance around myself that could be enforced in case this person who has done many terrible things to me comes within any certain vicinity. Does this require ...
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Is the plot of Fatal Attraction legally accurate?

Fatal Attraction is a 1987 film. The part of the plot I'm interested in is: Daniel "Dan" Gallagher is a successful, happily-married Manhattan lawyer whose work leads him to meet Alexandra &...
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Can a Belgian mayor 'deport' arbitrary people from their municipality?

This article De Morgen raised some concerns for me. The link is in Dutch; the following are the sections relevant for my question, in English courtesy of Google translate: In response, Minister of ...
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What legal actions can I take to prevent my abusive parents from stalking and harassing my family?

My parents were abusive when I was a child. I took legal action at age 11 and put an end the physical abuse. I moved out at age 15 and am now 20. My parents have not stopped trying to contact me. I ...
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Is a Restraining Order or an Injunction Dropped in a Medical or Other Emergency

I was recently browsing through social media when I came across this image. (See below) As unlikely as it seems that this image is real, it did get me thinking, are Restraining Order or Injunction ...
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Stalking & Harassment

As a followup to stalking / harassement, after a police report is filed, it is my understanding that the remedy for such a matter is a restraining order. Is there any reason that the aggressor would ...
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In BC, Canada, may an adult seek & receive a Protection Order if the respondent is the mother of the petitioner but the parties do not live together?

(N.B. I've never studied the Canadian legal system, I'm not Canadian, I don't live in Canada, and I've never been to Canada. But I like cheese curds.) In a nutshell: what I want to know (...
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When Is it OK to Break a No-Contact Order?

Location: Indiana, USA Background: A friend of mine has a temporary no-contact order placed against him for his girlfriend. His girlfriend didn't want the order, but the state placed the order anyway. ...
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Can a guardian file a TRO on behalf of a disabled adult ward?

I understand a guardian can restrict communications of a ward if the guardian deems a person is a threat to the wards health,financial situation or well being. Does this include allowing for a ...
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Does spousal privilege extend to a suitor when CHURCH (catholic, baptist, free, et al) teachings are involved? [closed]

How can the legal system hurt one individual for following church teachings if both of them are of the same religion? In War Games the quote "The only way to win is to not play the game" (let a ...
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Order of protection dismissal

I filed for a request for dismissal of an ofp but my offender was picked up for violating it. They said if I can prove that I filed for a dismissal he will be released but I can no longer look up the ...
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Forcing a person to remove a picture of me

I was riding home on the bus from summer school. A girl and I had a debate and she ended up frustrated and moved seats. The girl then started taking pictures of me. When I told her to stop, she ...
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Suspending White House hard pass & preliminary injunction

Jim Acosta was asked by the Secret Service to surrender a White House hard pass as the result of an altercation in a press event. The White House press secretary explained that it being suspended ...
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If someone has left their residence for a few days, due to fear of the homeowner, can they get a restraining order against the homeowner and return?

My mother and I fled our home this weekend due to concerns for our safety, caused by my step-father. We're staying at a friend's house across town while we sort things out. The home is one which we ...
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Is it legal to seek someone out to make them violate a restraining order?

A plot device I have seen on several TV shows is person A has filed a restraining order against person B, and then person A intentionally gets near person B to make person B have to run away to make ...
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Changing the Title to a House [closed]

A friend and I bought a fixer-upper house. I paid in full for it. She was supposed to pay for all repairs, and made many other promises. She said she would have income from a settlement for 7 years ...
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Can you get a restraining order without cause?

Do you have to have some type of justified reason to get a restraining order? Or can you issue without reason, on whim, or for fun?
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